Tea culture tourism

12月15日 2014.

Generally speaking, tourists used to consider Bao Loc a stopover, a rest stop en route from the south to Dalat, not many people think it is an attractive stopover in their travel itinerary. But perhaps this thought has now changed. One of the factors that has changed touristsway of thinking is the nature of festival event calledTea Culture”. In previous years, this event was calledLam Dong Tea Culture Festivalbut now this name is changed toLam Dong Tea Culture Week”. This year, the 5th Tea Culture Week is held from 20th-23rd Dec 2014.

Tea culture tourism connected the promotion of trade

According to the organizing Committee, Lam Dong’s 5th Tea Culture Week is a cultural event in the field of the traditional tea industry of the province, in order to promote the manufacturing and processing of tea, promoting B’Lao tea brand and speeding up promotion of trade and tourism activities of the localities.

Tea culture tourism

Tea culture tourism is one of major programs

It is clear talking about the commercial tea industry, but what is the significant meaning of tea industry tourism or tea culture tourism through Lam Dong’s 5th Tea Culture Week of 2014? Try to look at some activities of this year’s Tea Culture Week! As per the planned program, Lam Dong’s 5th Tea Culture Week of 2014 consists of 5 major and 11 support programs. Among the 5 major programs there is a programspecializingin tourism, 亦即, the tour to visit the tea material area associated with the care and processing of tea. It is anticipated that, in this program, the Organizing Committee will organize tour for tourists and high school students (extracurricular activities) to visit tea production areas of Tam Chau, Phuoc Lac and Hang Son Dien Co.Ltd. This tea culture tour will surely satisfy tourists, 与此同时, supplement partial necessary knowledge to high school students in Bao Loc city. Beside thespecializedtourism program, other major and auxiliary programs are more or less related to tourism at B’lao tea areas, 即, conference on solutions to develop tea areas, tea-picking contest, tea industry exhibition, conference on investment promotion of trade and commerce connection

Tourism potential of the local tea industry

保禄, since tea plants rooted from the 30s of the last century has proved to be a suitable land or exotic crops introduced by the French. Having experienced ups and downs, 到现在, Bao Loc tea material area has got 8,734ha with output of over 45,300 tons of fresh tea buds. Significantly, this is not only the key tea material area of the province and the whole country but also an interesting tourist attraction for tourists. 尤其, during Lam Dong’s 5th Tea Culture Week of 2014, in many major and auxiliary activities, organizers reserve aprivate spacefor tourists to participate in and support.

Tea hill in Bao Loc

Tea hill in Bao Loc

It should be added that, Lam Dong’s Tea Culture Week of 2014 is different from previous similar events in that, the Tea Culture Week is closely linked with the National Tourism Year 2014 中部高地 – 大叻. This event aims to close the 2014 国家旅游年, but hopefully, it will open up a new page for tourism of B’laoTea Culture Tourism.



Tea culture tourism