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April 21, 2015

Benefits when joining the regular customer program of airlines

The daily expenses, your flights, phone bills, etc … all of which can help you to redeem free flights or upgrades free of charge. Maybe you are not rich, but let’s be a smart consumer. Do not let a coin you paid is wasted.

In today’s society, most services are also programs for loyal customers, just to retain valuable customers, both to attract new customers. The incentives of these services provide to customers is rewarding for consumers what they bring. However, some of the specific services within dozens of regulations as well as the program is not advertised that few people know or … lazy to learn. It is the lazy sometimes it makes you miss the rewards that you deserve justice more than anyone else. One of the specific programs mentioned in this article is the program of regular customers of the airlines.

Integration of score, fly free

Most airlines in the world, from the traditional to the cheap, the program has built-point, plus mileage to redeem the air preferences such as free flights, upgrades to business class, baggage allowance, giving flight to relatives, etc …

Example for some alliances

Vietnam Airlines since 1999 has kicked off the program of regular customers (Golden Lotus Plus), which allows customers to accumulate points after each flight, from a vacation in the hotel, spending card banking, telephone bills. Since joining Skyteam, the customer care system of Golden Lotus Plus is also common for airlines in the Skyteam alliance, which means you go to any company in the Skyteam can earn points in Golden Lotus Plus.

Golden Lotus Plus of Vietnam Airlines
Golden Lotus Plus of Vietnam Airlines

Similarly, if you are registered member of a certain airline alliance such as Star Alliance (Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, etc.) Or OneWorld (Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific), you can earn points in the system the alliance. AirAsia is BIG program there.

The integration points can take place very long if you do not fly much, or not spending much but just be patient. For example, the Golden Lotus program of Vietnam Airlines for the validity of the score up to 3 years, you can earn points gradually.

Despite membership card with Thai Airways, but fly with Turkish Airlines you can also earn points (depending on ticket class) because the two companies are same airline alliance – Star Alliance.

The downside of program of regular customers

You have to keep flying with your airlines to integrate as many points and upgrading members (like the type of game to level up). However, you have the flexibility to sign up for various programs at many regular customers of airlines to plan the trip accordingly, did not miss any of the points when spending. Because your money is your labor, don’t waste it.

In summary, Any airlines have program of regular customers apply the basic method to accumulate points as follows:

– Flights: when you fly with that airlines, depending on the flight distance, class, you will be added to the score (mile), respectively. Each airline has tables indicate the distance between destinations as well as the percentage of the class plus mile flight.

– Payment with your bank card: the airlines are associated with banks offering affiliate programs. Every time you pay with VISA, MasterCard, American Express of that bank, the number of points corresponding to the amount spent will be added to the card member.

– Hotel/Resort: your hotel/resort in the affiliate program will earn points.

– Phone bill: the score you get corresponding the bill of payment amount.

Redeem your reward

Once enough points and satisfying certain conditions, you can change the number of accumulated points for free flights. Score as many as you change the flight distance longer. Points can be used to purchase the tickets were upgraded economic class to the higher class or incentives in exchange for excess baggage, even gift all the privileges to your family/relatives (depending on the policy each firm).

In flight meal
In flight meal

The higher points you accumulate, you have the opportunity to increase their class with your membership card. Senior class members as you have the opportunity to be a high priority services such as priority seat on the plane, resolved in some emergencies, preferential procedures at the counter at the airport, VIP priority to plane, was invited to luxury lounge, even upgraded free on merchant cabin in case of full basic cabin.

The registration of regular customer program is free. Just read their policy program at the website of the airline is a strategy can earn points for themselves. Not only airlines, hotels, even on a large number of systems like Agoda also help you accumulate points to take the free trip. Do not waste every dollar you spend.

Source: Mr. Tran Viet Phuong, travip.me

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