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August 26, 2015

Da Bac Island, the attractive tourist destination of Ca Mau Province

From Ca Mau city, tourists go a long the provincial road crossing U Minh forest, the home of the  “lie” King Ba Phi about 40 kilometers, you will come to a beautiful and fascinating island group with many wild features: Da Bac Island – the attractive tourist destination of Ca Mau Province

Location of Da Bac Island

Da Bac Island is close to the western coast, located in Kinh Hon village, Khanh Binh Tay commune, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province. It is about 50 km from Ca Mau City by the waterway and 42 km by the road.

Da Bac island in Ca Mau
Da Bac island in Ca Mau

In order to reach Da Bac Island, visitors can go by waterway or by road. If traveling by waterway, from the city of Ca Mau, visitors go down Tac Thu canal, keep going to Hoi Dong Thanh canal to the west, going over 40 km to Da Bac Island.

Da Bac island
Da Bac island

If traveling by road, from the city of Ca Mau, tourists go towards Tac Thu – U Minh Ha National Park; continue in the direction of Minh Ha farms and pass Coi Nam, visitors will reach Da Bac B village, Khanh Binh Tay commune; from here, tourists will go to Da Bac Island by the unique bridge between the mainland and Da Bac Island.

Historical information

In addition, this area also is a significant historical site. During the resistance war against American troops, army and people in Khanh Binh Tay attacked and encircled the platoon of 105 mm cannon artillery that the enemy used to control the revolutionary base areas Khanh Binh Tay and west coast areas of Ca Mau. This is also the place where happened the case of CM12 – dismantled the Illegal immigration of Le Quoc Tuy and Mai Van Hanh to overthrow Socialist regime in the early 80’s.

Hon Da Bac in Ca Mau
Hon Da Bac in Ca Mau

The monument of “Homeland Security Protection” was built at the national historical site Da Bac Island – the command center of counterintelligence plan CM12. The monument has a height of 21 m. Over 3 years of fighting with counterintelligence plan CM12 (1981-1984), Vietnam’s security forces formed a feat: arrested 18 intrusion groups, 189 commandos, 300 tons of weapons, 14 tons of counterfeit money, 2 big ships.

Characteristics of Da Bac Island

This is a beautiful and fascinating island group with many wild features.

Da Bac Island with an area of about 6.43 ha, is a beautiful island group consists of three big and small islands lying close together: Ong Ngo Island, Da Le Island and Da Bac Island. In the cluster of 3 these island, the highest island is high up 50 m above the sea level. According to the documents recorded, Da Bac Island dating from 180 million years (mid of Jurassic – Mesozoic).

Coming to Da Bac Island, the first thing that visitors see, besides the scenery still remain unspoiled and interesting shapes of the cluster of three islands, this area also has countless granite stones stacked and thanks to the Creator hand molded into shapes that very nicely as: the fairy yard, the fairy wells, the fairy foot, the fairy hand …

The way go to Da Bac island
The way go to Da Bac island

More particularly, this place still keep a lot of spiritual values of coastal people such as: Ong Nam Hai temple – which displays a skeleton of giant whale and the mysterious stories about the whale rescuing people in the sea.

Besides, in Da Bac Island also has a forest ecosystem which is extremely rich and diverse with the jungle, primeval and rare vegetation. This is the magic beauty that the nature has endowed for Ca Mau province.

Apart from attractive natural landscapes, Da Bac Island also is attracted tourists by rich seafood resources. Tourists come here, they can do fishing with brown fishes, squid, shrimp, diving into the ocean with the fishermen to catch the oysters clinging to the rocks under water … and then you will enjoy delicious and rare taste of the west beach land.

Excepting for the little Troi Island which is in between of Ong Ngo Island and Da Bac Island only rocks and rocks, the rest of two islands are covered with lush leafy forest with overgrown trees. With umbrage of tropical almond trees and Bodhi tree covering the ground, Da Bac Island always whisper the wind from the distant sea.

June 2009, Da Bac Island was recognized as the national historic sites by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vietnam.

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