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Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang, symbols of “Agarwood Region”

Who on sightseeing Khanh Hoa, Long Son should look, Ponagar not forget,  Buddha Statue should go up, Look white Buddha sitting in the sky.


The Long Son temple is located at No. 20, 23 – 10 street, Phuong Son Ward, located in the Trai Thuy foothills, Nha Trang city. Panoramic view, the Long Son temple has a very beautiful location, convenient for visitors. The temple was built on an elevated area, cool, verdant trees, is located next to roads and busy streets which seem to hold about dark, quiet.  These blocks do academically, office, with massive temples, forming a complete structure hidden under the Bodhi trees. Foliage and plants surround the frozen dawn cover umbrage.

Buddha statue of Long Son pagoda
Buddha statue of Long Son pagoda

History of Long Son Pagoda

The last years of the nineteenth century, the country of chaos, before the ordained, the monk Thich Ngo Chi (born in Vinh Xuong, Thanh Hoa) had participated in the movement against France; on the way of practice, come to Nha Trang to practice on the Trai Thuy hill. Every day, the monk not only noticed  temple bell resonates to Cu Lao but also which radiate into salt marshes, Soi beaches.

They hear the bells, villagers towards of Buddhist, wake up early and hard work back, all of the people live agreement, peace, and many people thinking in mind and doing good. In 1886, monks began construction Long Son temple on vacant land east of the hill.

Long Son Pagoda
Long Son Pagoda

In 1900, after heavy storms, the monk Thich Ngo Chi decided to move down to the foothills, the reconstructed temple in position now and head maintenance here until the end. Since then, through much restoration, upgrading and expanding… Long Son Pagoda increasingly superficial world, spacious and Emperor Bao Dai had been ordained “Sac Tu Long Son Tu”.

In 1936,  follow wishes Ngo Chi , the temple was carried to Hoi An Nam Buddhism to revive Buddhism based in Khanh Hoa, by far the headquarters of the Provincial Buddhist.

In 1941 the temple was restored by the Chairman Ton Quyen and Buddhist Dinh Thuy Vo. In 1968, the roof of the temple was slide down by war. In 1971, Thich Thien Binh restored the temple and until 1975, the new restoration done 60%, according to the design of architect Vo Dinh Diep.

Characteristics of Long Son Pagoda

The temple campus wide over 3,200 square meters. Main hall, spacious, adorned with statues of Sakyamuni Buddha bronze tall 1.6 meters and weighs 700kg; behind the statue large mirror symbolizes the Buddhist aura of light.  In the temple have Guan Yin standards to “a thousand hands and a thousand eyes”. Beside the temple is the hall of the Buddhist School of Khanh Hoa.

On the Trai Thuy hill, in 1964-1965, the Buddhists of Khanh Hoa province and the vicinity have joined hands to contribute, creating a golden Buddha statue sitting sermon where the old temple background. Concrete statue, white, height from ground to 24m, from substrate to 21m, statue part high 14m, lotus 7m, diameter lotus 10m . Around statue is seven martyr saint.

Long Son pagoda - statue
Long Son pagoda – statue

In front of Buddha stations have long pair dragon 7,2m. Someday clear sky, calm sea, on the road to Nha Trang, the North or in the South out, whether by car or train, travelers have seen wonderful, majestic white Buddha statue under blue sky and please lightly before indulgent smile of Buddha.

Travelers want to offer incense in front of Buddha statue, must pass through 193 stairs.  In 2003, the monks Long Son Pagoda is Thich Chi Tin has placed the Nirvana Buddha statues long, 17m, high, 5m at the 44th grade level, behind the reliefs depicts 49 disciples on the duty Buddhist concept.

Earlier 1 year, Thich Chi Tin gave built a bell tower from Nirvana Buddha statues about 5m, and got large bell, high 2.2m , weighing 1,500 kg donated by Buddhists in Hue.

The road to the temple as “up to heaven”, lush foliage, dark shadow of the mountains. From Trai Thuy hilltop look all the views” picturesque,” where the ancients understood as saying that this area is where the “Tu Thuy Trieu Qui, Tu Thu Tu”.

Once sightseeing temple, worship Kim Buddha Statue, self explain why people Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa affirmed Long Son as one of the beautiful symbols of ” Agarwood region”. Lead pilgrims’ steps up the Trai Thuy hill sightseeing temple, worship Buddha Statue and look Nha Trang stretched the edge of the sea. A long time ago Long Son Pagoda, also known as a white Buddhist temple was an indispensable destination for travelers.

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