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March 26, 2019

No selfie, no checked baggage and travel trends in 2019

2019 promises to be a year full of adventurous tours, selfie photos are no longer popular, no cumbersome luggage…. The travel enthusiasts are also more concerned with protecting the environment.

In 2019, the tourism industry is expected to have many changes. Specifically, the tourists increasingly overlook the photography “take a selfie” in each trip. Instead, they keep a memory of their journey through high quality photos.

Solo trips are also growing. Destinations are at risk of being wiped out by climate change becoming favorite spots of tourists. Visitors recently paid special attention to environmental protection when traveling. Here are 5 new travel trends that will appear in 2019.

Aviation enhances the application of additional fare

Increasing fuel prices are the main reason why airlines have to apply additional fare. It is thing what has a great impact on the habits of travelers. Passengers will limit carrying too much baggage to avoid additional charges.

Tourists are increasingly restricting the carrying of lots of luggage as many airlines increase fees of check-in baggage. Photo: Lonely Planet.
Tourists are increasingly restricting the carrying of lots of luggage as many airlines increase fees of check-in baggage. Photo: Lonely Planet.

Mr. Adam Ewart – CEO and co-founder of luggage shipping service Send My Bag said: 2019 will be a year of many changes in airlines and passengers. He hopes the habit of reducing luggage when traveling will be spread.

Tourism goes along with environmental protection

The single-use products that you often encounter during trips in 2018 will appear less likely this year. Restaurants, hotels, airlines… in the world are actively implementing tourism activities associated with environmental protection such as minimizing single-use products. They are convenient for traveller but creating huge amounts of garbage.

According to Booking, about 87% of Hong Kong tourists (China) said they would be willing to spend time on environmental protection activities during their travels.

Favorite tourist destinations are places that could disappear within the next few decades

Negative impacts from climate change are threatening many tourist destinations around the world. This affects the psychology of those who like to travel. According to Sam Bruce, co-founder of Much Better Adventures, the trend of visiting places that are threatened will flourish this year.

Sam Bruce cites the typical evidence that Greenland, where Ilulissat ice bay is facing the problem of melting ice. Tours to Ilulissat are getting more and more people, visitors want to take a boat around the bay to admire the world natural heritage for the last time before the Ice Mountains completely melt.

Women increasingly like traveling alone

Tourism alone is favored along with the trend of adventure travel. Sam Bruce said that: according to the number of keywords on search engines, the phrase “women traveling alone” increased by 52% during the period of 2016 – 2017.

According to the report of Much Better Adventures Travel Company, the female booking segment has increased dramatically in the past 2 years and currently accounts for 65% of the total number of customers booking.

Jules Verne’s research shows that 22.6% of women worldwide travel alone at least once a year. Their favorite destinations are usually Spain, India, America, New Zealand and Italy.

“The era of selfie” ended

The travel blogger, photographers and celebrities with art pictures that are carefullyinvested when traveling are engulfing a series of boring “selfie photos”.

Valerie Lopez, founder of Shoot My Travel, predicts that today’s visitors have better visual aesthetics, tastes for uploading pictures with great content, beautiful colors and nice backdrops are developing on social websites.

Lopez stressed, boring selfie photos, no special content will be less visible on social networks. Visitors today are particularly interested in beautiful and high quality photos to keep memories of the trip.

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