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Routes: Da Nang – Vinh

Da Nang – Vinh route : full information about transportation, all ways, roads and transportation suppliers from Da Nang to Vinh and Vinh to Da Nang.

Da Nang - Vinh route
Da Nang – Vinh route


Vietnam Airlines

There is one return flight from Da Nang to Vinh city every day. It takes around 1 hours and 15 minutes. Ticket will be from 45 USD to 75 USD for 1 way ticket.

From Da Nang to Vinh  flight will departure at 9:15am and arrive in Vinh airport at 10:30am.

On 31th Jan, new terminal Vinh airport in Nghe An province was officially put into use, with a capacity of 3 million passengers mining per year. On this occasion, the Ministry of Transport announced Vinh airport is an international airport. The station has two floors, including 1 serving passenger arrivals, the 2nd floor serving the passenger’s departure. Inside the station there are 28 airline counters, baggage carousels, 2 baggage carousel, 4 lifts; fully equipped with Surveillance Camera systems, computer security screening, baggage screening machines

Vinh Airport outside Vinh City, Vinh Airport is located in Nghi Kim commune, Vinh City, Nghe An Province, from Vinh city to Airport around 10 km. Tourists can use taxi or the shuttle bus of Vinh airports. Bus services have reasonable prices, good services.

From Vinh city to Da Nang flight will departure at 11:00am and arrive in Da Nang international airport at 12:15pm.

Da Nang International Airport is the largest airport of the Central region and the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The third largest in Vietnam, after Tan Son Nhat international airport(Ho Chi Minh City) and Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi)

Danang International Airport is located in Hai Chau district, 3 km from the center of Danang. From Da Nang airport to the center of Da Nang City about 5,8km, you can get taxi, shuttle bus to there. The fears about 50 000 VND by taxi.

From Da Nang airport to Hoi An about 29,3km, it takes around 30 minutes by taxi. If you like take local buses from Da Nang to Hoi An you should get outside Airport and wait at the bus stop on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, the bus will departure every hour. The fears about 25 000 VND for 1 person.

You can visit website for more information: http://www.vietnamairlines.com

You can purchase tickets at the office, we recommend as below:

In Da Nang City

Viet Nam airline representative in Da Nang

Add 1: 27 Dien Bien Phu Str, Hai Chau 1 ward, Hai Chau District

Tel: +84(511) 3821130

Add 2: 145 Nui Thanh Str, Thanh Khe district

Tel: +84 511 3707468

Booking office

Add 1: 900 Ngo Quyen Str, An Hai Dong ward, Ngu Hanh Son District

Tel: +84 511 3938938

Add 2: 111 Phan Chau Trinh Str, Hai Chau 2, Hai Chau district

Tel: +84 511 3826621

Add 3: 83 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Str, Hai Chau 1, Hai Chau district

Tel: +84 511 3843868

In Vinh city

Vietnam Airline Representative Office

Add: B4 Duy Tan str, Vinh

Tel: +84 383523338

Vinh Airport Booking Office

Add: Nghi Lien Str, Vinh

Tel: +84 388686779


There are so many trains from Da Nang to Vinh and vice versa every day, it takes around 10 hours and 40 minutes. Train fee from 40 USD to 150 USD for 1 way ticket, depend on what kind of cabin you book. Danang railway station located in the heart Danang city, you can walk to your hotel, it is very convenient for travelers to book ticket and take a train. In front of the station there are some restaurants for guests to enjoy Danang specialties like Mi Quang(Quang noodle), Banh Trang Cuon Thit Heo(rice paper roll with pork)…  From center of Vinh city you can walk to railway station. Vinh train station located in the center of Vinh city, you can get taxi or car about 10 minute.

From Da Nang railway station train will departure at 3:00am, 8:35am, 12:45pm, 14:15pm, 23:00pm.

From Vinh railway station train will departure at 1:40am, 3:30am, 12:10pm, 15:10pm, 19:50pm.

Train number SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7, SE19, TN1. SE2, SE4, SE6, SE8

You can purchase ticket from somewhere we recommend to you as below:

Vietnam Railway Company

In Da Nang city

Add: 200 Hai Phong Str, Tan Chinh ward, Hai Chau district

Tel: (84-5113) 823810

In Vinh city

Add: 01 Le Ninh Str, Quan Bau ward, Vinh City

Tel: (84-38) 3853426

Livitran Expresss

In Da Nang city

Add 1: 85 Tran Cao Van Str, Hoi An City

Tel: +84 510.3501023

Add 2: 58 Ba Trieu Str, Cam Pho ward, Hoi An City

Tel: +84 510.3861665

In Vinh city

Add: Kios 11, Vinh railway station, 01 Le Ninh Str, Quan Bau ward

Tel: +84 383.530391


There are so many bus from Da Nang to Buon Me Thuot and vice versa every day, about 521 km, it takes around  9 hours and 15 minutes. The fees depend on which bus company you book ticket. We recommend some tourist bus company as below:

Hoang Long Bus Company

In Da Nang

Add: 161 Ton Duc Thang Str, Cam Le District

Tel: +84 511 3823548

Bus will departure from Da Nang bus station at 7:00am, 9:00am, 15:00pm, 19:00pm, 23:00pm. It takes around 10 hours and 25 minutes, ticket will be 300 000 VND for 1 way ticket. Include water.

In Vinh city

Add: 41 Nguyen Du Str, Vinh City

Tel: +84 383 752135

Bus will departure from Vinh bus station at 1:25am, 5:25am, 7:25am, 9:25am, 19:25pm. Ticket the same way from Da Nang to Vinh.

Phuong Trang Bus company

In Da Nang

Add: 201 Ton Duc Thang Str, Hoa Minh ward, Lien Chieu District

Tel: +84 5113.786 786

There are two bus from Da Nang to Vinh city, bus will departure from Da Nang bus station at 11:00am, 19:30pm every day. Bus ticket will be 225 000 VND for 1 way ticket.

In Vinh city

Add: 77 Le Loi Str, Le Loi ward, Vinh city

Tel: 19006067

There are two bus from Vinh to Da Nang every day, it takes around 10 hours and 35 minutes. Bus will departure from Vinh bus station at 21:35pm, 6:15am. Ticket will be 225 000 VND for 1 way ticket, include water.

At Vinh bus station, it is simple to you, because from the bus station to the city center approximately 1,1 km, located at Le Loi street so you can take a motorbike, taxi or walk, it is fine.

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