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May 18, 2015

The delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

Pho is a well-known delicacy in Hanoi. There are many good Pho restaurants in Hanoi, they are scattered throughout the inner city. Hanoi people eat Pho daily in the morning; it is a dish which is easy to eat with delicious taste. For those of you travel to Hanoi, the breakfast with Pho is an unforgettable experience. The following article will introduce the 5 famous Pho restaurants in Hanoi, some of them located in the Old Quarter tourist site, quite convenient for you to go there and enjoy.

5 famous & delicious Pho restaurants in Hanoi

In addition to Pho dish in Hanoi, you can also refer to other dishes such as: pork rice noodle, fermented pork, fried fish powder, Thang rice noodle, Hanoi sweet soup, fruit juices etc., and other street foods. All addresses of the delicious dish in Hanoi which we will introduce in the other article.

1. Bat Dan Pho restaurant

Bat Dan Pho is known as a delicious dish throughout Hanoi. When people tell about Bat Dan Pho restaurant, they immediately think to the situation of the crowd standing in line every morning in order to get a bowl of delicious soup. The restaurant is quite crowded on Saturday and Sunday, most diners come here because Pho bowl is delicious with properly Hanoi style. If you are a person who loves the attentive and concerned service, or you do not want to stand in line for waiting in a long time, this place will be not Pho restaurant you are expecting. But, in the weekday, this restaurant is not so overcrowded.

Pho Bat Dan Hanoi
Pho Bat Dan Hanoi

Bat Dan Pho has trademark of original and traditional secret. Bat Dan bowls characterize for traditional beef noodle soup of Hanoi, fragrant, juicy, pure water, beef is fresh, pink, soft and plump… creating attraction not only with Hanoi people but also with tourists from near and far, inside and outside of the country coming for enjoying.

Experience, if you go to Bat Dan Pho restaurant, you should go with two people, one person order Pho and another one keep your seats. Address of the restaurant at 49, Bat Dan, opening time is from 6:30 am – 8:30 am. If you come here late, you will not enjoy a good soup bowl.

2. Thin Pho restaurant

It has been famous for over 30 years. Thin Pho restaurant is located on 13, Lo Duc Street. Although the restaurant is quite far from the center of Hanoi Old Quarter but many local people in Hanoi love it and often come here for their breakfast. Pho is delicious or not depending on its soup, the soup of Thin Pho is sweet from stewed bone together with spices. In addition to delicious soup, the beef are fried on a high-temperature stove, well – done fats, the beef is fresh and fragrant with ginger smell.

Pho Thin Hanoi
Pho Thin Hanoi

When you eat rice noodle, you should not forget to add different spices for the taste such as: chili sauce, pepper, fish sauce, garlic and other spices depending on the taste of each person. With Hanoi pho, you also should not forget to eat together with rice cake, it is also one of the factors that people want to eat rice noodles in this restaurant or not? Opening time is from 5:00 am to 9:00 pm, and this restaurant is always busy.

3. Ly Quoc Su Pho restaurant

This is also a well-known brand with tasty Pho in Hanoi. 10 Ly Quoc Su Pho currently has one system with about 3 branches:

Branch 1: No. 10 Ly Quoc Su Street – 0438,257,338

Branch 2: No. 42 Hang Voi Street – 0915088586

Branch 3: No. N2A Hoang Minh Giam Street

Pho Ly Quoc Su Hanoi
Pho Ly Quoc Su Hanoi

However, only the original address is the most delicious place (on No. 10 Ly Quoc Su Street, at intersection crossings with Chan Cam Street). Here, Pho is very tasty, there are a lot of flavors and a variety of choices with beef rice noodle soup such as: rare beef, medium beef, or well – done beef…. depending on customer’s preference. The soup of Pho is so tasty and very fragrant thanks to process of spices choices and cooking. In particular, hot rice cake here is delicious and fresh. Opening hour is from 6:00 am to 14:00 pm and from 5:30pm to 10:00 pm.

4. Vui Pho restaurant

Vui Pho restaurant is located on Hang Giay Street, in the Old Quarter area. If you stay in the hotel in this area, you can come here to enjoy the unique cuisine of Hanoi Pho in the morning. Vui Pho restaurant is opposite with cake shop of Pham Bang actor. This restaurant also specializes in many kind of Pho such as: rare beef, medium beef, or well – done beef … The soup of Pho here is also quite strong in flavor and somewhat fatter. Soft noodle soup bowl with a lot of beef, onions and scallions is very delicious.

Pho Vui Hanoi
Pho Vui Hanoi

The name of the restaurant would have reminded everyone of satisfaction as coming to the restaurant, diners will always feel delicious and happy at the end of the meal.

5. Suong Pho restaurant

Original name of Suong Pho restaurant is Thang Loi Pho restaurant, along with other Pho restaurants as Thu Do Pho, Tu Do Pho … which are very famous in Ha Noi. After a long time of stopping business, the restaurant has just reopened 30 years ago with the new name: Suong Pho restaurant. Ms Muoi – the owner explained: “Her family has no one named Suong, because she want to stimulate the curiosity of the customer and bring them a real sense of joy when eating here, she decided to name the shop is Suong Pho restaurant”.

Pho Suong Hanoi
Pho Suong Hanoi

Currently, the restaurant has two branches, one in Trung Yen Lane, Dinh Liet Street (the Old Quarter), and one in Nguyen Hong Street. Although both branches do not have big scale, but the number of customers is still very busy and steady. The restaurant in Trung Yen seems a bit small so stifling, the other in Nguyen Hong is more spacious and airy.

Soup of Pho is the highlight of Suong Pho. Here, the soup has a sweet taste, but still keep tasty flavor of the meat and bones. Beef was rated as good; beef is not dry and hard, but still soft. Beef is very “nature”, lean, soft and fragrant. The average price is 40 000 VND – 55 000 VND / bowl.

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