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Vietnam Visa On Arrival service with Discount coupon

The open-door policy for Vietnam visa

In the past, if you wanted to enter Vietnam for any reason such as: travel, business or even meeting relatives, the process to obtain the Visa was difficult and time consuming. You had to go directly to the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your country in order to apply for a Visa. This procedure required: your passport that should be valid for 6 months, your visa application forms and some of your other documents that were requested by the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your country.

After the completion of your necessary documents to make the visa, you had to wait for 07 to 10 working days in order to get your visa. The fee to make it depended on the country you planned to go (For example: the fee of the Embassy of Vietnam in Bangkok, Thai Land was about 50 usd. In Washington, America it was about 85 usd and you still had to pay more for a stamping fee in order to get the actual visa which would be placed on your passport, this amounted to 45 usd which could go up-to 95 usd depending on the visa you plan to have.

This process is quite difficult and time consuming, if you are not fully prepared with the necessary documents as they have inquired, the application would not be issued and must be remade.

Vietnam Visa Service Online
Vietnam Visa Service Online

Currently with the open-door policy, which was established to promote the image of Vietnam to international visitors, Our Vietnam Government now has better measures in order to create a more favorable condition for foreigners to visit and work in Vietnam. With Vietnam Visa service, you do not need to waste time in the Embassy and you do not need to even consider the complex paperwork and fee which makes getting a visa is much cheaper and easier.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA)

What is VOA? Why is it cheaper and convenient?

VOA (Vietnam Visa On Arrival) is a new service to be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department which belongs to the Ministry of Public Security Portal which would allow foreigners to get visa right at the date of the international airport in Vietnam.

The airports are applied for Visa on Arrival

Noi Bai airport (Hanoi city), Da Nang airport (Da Nang city), Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh city), Cam Ranh airport (Nha Trang city).

Vietnam Visa On Arrival
Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Using the Visa on Arrival service is easy, but you need to know first about the fee of VOA. It will include a:

1. Service fee: For this fee you will have to pay for the travel agent or tourism company who guarantees and arranges the visa approval letter for you for the Vietnam Immigration Department. You can see the reference for service fees http://vietnamvisatour.org/fees.html

2. Stamping fee: this fee will have to be paid at the airport directly located at the cashier of Border Customs with a fixed rate of:

Visa one month / three months single entry: 45 usd

Visa one month / three months multiple entry: 95 usd

To use the VOA service you just need to contact with any travel agent which have License international travel business.

4 steps to get Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Step 1: Submit your scanned passport & personal information

Sample form:

• Full name:….• Gender:….• Date of birth:…• Nationality:…• Passport number:…

• Type of visa (One month single / multiple entries, three months single / multiple entries):…

• Date of arrival:…• Email:…• Phone number:…

Things to Note:

– Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

– You need to fill your official name and official information, no use nick name…

– Please supply your full and complete email and phone number, because your visa approval letter will be sent through this email.

Step 2: Confirm your information

To re-check your information carefully & confirm it before paying the visa service fee

Step 3: Wait for visa processing

It take approximately 2 working days, your visa approval letter will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department, then it will be sent to you through the email in which you applied on step 1.

Step 4: Print your visa approval letter

You should now print this visa approval letter out before arriving at the airport. Do not forget to bring your passport, 2 photos of yourself (4×6 cm) (white background), and your stamping fee (in cash) with a fixed rate of:

·         Visa one month / three months single entry: 45 usd

·         Visa one month / three months multiple entry: 95 usd

Notes: Paying to stamping process by US dollar is recommended for saving time and avoiding exchange rate differences. Though this is not important as you can pay the stamping fee in any currency in circulation around the world.


SupplierThien Cam Travel .,JSC

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The values: 20% discount from public rate, Valid until 19th May 2016

Redemption: To redeem the coupon, you need submit your visa request at http://vietnamvisatour.org/order.html and mention the above discount code.

About Visa service of Thien Cam Travel .,jsc

With 5 years of experience, they have successfully arranged thousands of applications for visa to Vietnam, their company assures customers that they commit to all legitimate information and procedures. They make sure that 100% of their customers will receive their visa approval letter with their company’s e-mail address. In the case of being unable to receive a visa from them after having paid the payment service fees, they are committed to a full refund of service fees, and other expenses if this is their mistake.

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