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February 16, 2019

3 typical tourist destinations in Can Tho city

Can Tho has an idyllic beauty of river villages with crowded population. In order to feel clearly identify the above features, visitors can come to Cai Rang floating market – where sell most of the fruit products of the West, Bang Lang stork garden or the ecotourism areas…. We invite you go to the attractive tourist spots in Can Tho that represents the Southwest region!

Cai Rang floating market

This market is the concentration of almost agricultural products and fruits of the Western region. Cai Rang floating market open early in the morning, so you must depart before 5:00. The feeling of enjoying a hot bowl of vermicelli with sour crab soup and a cup of fragrant coffee on the river is very interesting. The fruits here are very fresh and especially cheap.

Cai Rang floating market is one of Can Tho's tourist destinations
Cai Rang floating market is one of Can Tho’s tourist destinations

Ecotourism areas

Ecotourism areas with lush green gardens, and many kinds of fruit specialties in the Mekong Delta region such as My Khanh tourist village, Mr. Sau Duong’s garden, Binh Thuy orchid garden, Vong Cung garden on the roads of Phong Dien, Phung Hiep and many other family tourism gardens in O Mon, Thot Not…. Here, tourists traveling Can Tho can walk in the garden to breathe in the cool and fresh air, taste ripped fruits and enjoy garden specialties.

many kinds of fruit specialties
many kinds of fruit specialties

Bang Lang stork garden

From Can Tho City to Thot Not town about 5 km, you will come to Bang Lang stork garden. Here, visitors will see tens of thousands of storks (white stork, gray stork, black stork, heron) fluttering and swooping down the bamboo tree, swinging with the wind, and calling for each other…

Bang Lang stork garden
Bang Lang stork garden

Additional information

Restaurants and hotels in Can Tho

Can Tho has many hotels from budget to luxury such as: Victoria Resort Can Tho, Golf Can Tho hotel, Saigon Can Tho hotel or Cuu Long hotel…. Can Tho has many beautiful restaurants overlooking the river; or many tourist ships in the evenings so that visitors can both watch the Hau River, enjoy the garden food, and listen to the traditional folk song….

Some dishes cannot be missed when travelling to Can Tho

– Roasted duck with fermented bean curd in the alley 1 Ly Tu Trong, fish sauce hot pot at Da Ly eatery on 3/2 street.

– Goby hot pot and Mien Tay’s dishes at Ninh Kieu wharf in the evenings.

– Vietnamese crepe, Vietnamese steamed rice rolls, tam bi cake … on Le Lai Street (right at Luu Huu Phuoc Park, on the right about 20 m).

– Cong cake on Nguyen Trai Street, Vietnamese crepe of Muoi Xuong and Ngoc Ngan

– Grilled snakehead fish, bitter vegetable and snakehead fish porridge.

– Grilled pork rolls on Hoa Binh Boulevard, salted duck and white porridge on Mau Than road.

Transport to Can Tho

From Ho Chi Minh City, you can go to the Mien Tay bus station or bus station on Le Hong Phong Street to buy tickets to Can Tho of the company such as Phuong Trang, Thanh Buoi, and Mai Linh… or maybe go to De Tham Street District 1 to buy Can Tho tourist bus tickets with foreign backpackers.

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