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Cai Rang floating market is one of Can Tho's tourist destinations
February 16, 2019

3 typical tourist destinations in Can Tho city

Can Tho has an idyllic beauty of river villages with crowded population. In order to feel clearly identify the above features, visitors can come to Cai Rang floating market – where sell most of the fruit products of the West, Bang Lang stork garden or the ecotourism areas…. We invite you go to the attractive...
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Nga Nam floating market
September 10, 2015

Nga Nam floating market in Soc Trang, the unique floating market

When mentioning to Soc Trang, people often think to Bat Pagoda or Tan Long bird garden… but it also has an extremely unique place in Soc Trang which tourists should not ignore that is Nga Nam floating market. This is one of the floating markets have has long existed and the busiest floating market in...
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U Minh Ha mangrove forest
August 29, 2015

Discovering U Minh Ha mangrove forest

U Minh Ha mangrove forest has mangrove forest ecosystem with six flooding months and six dry months. Forests have very high value for biodiversity, landscape, environment, culture and history. The flora and fauna of this area are also very rich.  Location U Minh Ha mangrove forest belongs to U Minh Ha National Park which is...
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Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta
August 6, 2015

Cai Rang floating market in Mekong Delta

If in the northern mountainous region there are many colorful weekly markets as the love market, in the southern region tourists are attracted by floating market, the most impressive of them which we have to mention: Cai Rang floating market. With the unique culture, Cai Rang floating market has become a destination which tourist should...
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Tropical fruit gardens
July 11, 2015

The idyllic beauty of My Khanh Tourist Village in Can Tho

When tourists visit Can Tho city, they should visit Cai Rang floating market or Phong Dien. Market is still … well like that, like a hundred years ago, like every day. Busy and crowded with a lot of boats. It is noisy with buyers and sellers, making such the wave rise up on the river....
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Tam Coc - Bich Dong 1
June 28, 2015

Tam Coc – Bich Dong is known as “A terrestrial Ha Long Bay”

Tam Coc – Bich Dong is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam, known with names as: “A terrestrial Ha Long Bay ” or “The second beautiful cave in the Northern”. Tam Coc (three caves) including Ca grotto, Hai grotto and Ba grotto. All three caves are formed by Ngo Dong River running through the mountain…...
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View of Can Gio
May 11, 2015

Can Gio – the ideal place for weekend vacation near Saigon

Can Gio ecotourism area is located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City about 50 km from the city center. This is the favorite tourist site of many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and other area on the weekend occasion. Travelling to Can Gio, you will stay away from the noisy, crowded, boisterous...
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Cai Rang Floating Market
April 22, 2015

Things tourists should know when traveling to Can Tho, Vietnam

Getting basic informations about transportation and accomodation will help you can confidently travel to Can Tho city – the land of gardens, rice feilds and rivers. Located in the heart of Mekong Delta, thanks to terrain and economic strength, Can Tho is increasingly attracting tourists by a new and featured destination. Transportaion Airway is suitable...
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