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April 30, 2018

4 delectable snacks from durian in Saigon

Durian is an attractive fruit with a strong flavor. This fruit is also a special fruit named: “the king of fruits”. Because durian is the kind of fruit that the king gives to the beauties, the smell of durian is very specific. When durians are processed into snacks on the streets of Saigon, they will bring a strange but familiar taste.

Crispy fried durian

Yellow durian piece will be rolled with a thin layer of rice paper, and then covered with a layer of rice flour. Especially, this flour has aromas extracted from durian so it is very nice and aromatic. Flavored durian pieces will be put into the pan for frying in boiling oil.

Crispy fried durian
Crispy fried durian

After frying for about 5 minutes you will see the durian piece will bulge and emit a scent. Fried durian looks like fried bananas, but it is much more fragrant and fattening.

Some shops sell fried durian pancakes also provide guests a vented box with oil absorbent paper layer at the bottom to avoid cakes become soft. Thanks to that after you buy the cake about 1 – 2 hours, you still feel crunchy and delicious.

Prices of fried durian ranged from 8 000 VND to 10 000 VND / piece. You can buy cake at the small shops on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, Nguyen Van Cu Street, Ngo Tat To Street…

Cool gracilaria jelly with durian and coconut

Gracilaria jelly mix with yellow and tender durian will make you love it. One of the thing make up great sweet taste for this jelly is the fatty coconut milk.

The coconut and durian gracilaria jelly is more wonderful when combined with egg flan. The fatty taste of durian, the strong sweet taste of flan cake, the cool and elasticity of the gracilaria jelly will help you reduce the heat of the summer.

Cool gracilaria jelly with durian and coconut
Cool gracilaria jelly with durian and coconut

In addition to enjoying jelly on the plate, you can also eat durian gracilaria jelly in the coconut fruit. The coolness of coconut milk helps you less boring. The price for a plate of durian coconut jelly is 10 000 VND / a plate. Add egg flan is 20 000 VND / a plate. The price for a coconut fruit with durian gracilaria jelly inside is 30 000 VND / fruit.

You can buy delicious durian coconut jelly in small shops on Chau Van Liem Street, along the road 3 Thang 2 streets, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street…

Crunchy durian pancake

Durian pancake are “an upgraded version” of grilled rice paper. The cover of pancake is made of wheat flour, malt sugar and honey which are carefully baked to give a yellowish and crunchy taste.

The inside part of pancake is durian which is kept cool and marinated with the flavor of vanilla or apple. The cold of the inside part combined with the heat of the shell makes you love it. The price of a durian pancake is 15 000 VND, if you add pineapple jam or apples with durian pancake, then you need to add 5 000 VND in price.

Crunchy durian pancake
Crunchy durian pancake

The best place to try this snack is the shop in Tho Trang Park (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City).

Durian ice cream

The cool, fragrant and sweet durian ice cream will satisfy anyone who eats it. Durian is separated the meat part and then put into the blender. You should choose good durian which is old, thorns are big, hard, and thorn top is round not pointed. Use the special knife of the sellers to knock on the outer shell, when you hear the sound “bop bop” mean the fruit meat will be thick and very sweet, seeds are small. If the sound is “boong boong” mean this fruit has many seeds, not delicious.

Durian ice cream
Durian ice cream

Mix fresh milk and condensed milk into a pot and cook until the sugar has dissolved. The egg yolk mixed with the sugar stirred until the egg is slightly yellow. Mix the hot milk into the egg mixture and stir well. Add the durian to the milk mixture and continue stirring. Pour fresh cream in a bowl until the ice cream does not come down. Mix fresh cream with a mixture of durian, stirring mixture to blend together. Put the mixture into the mold and place in the refrigerator. If you like soft cream, then every 2 hours you stir the ice cream until it freeze. Finally, you take the ice cream and enjoy. Ice cream is suitable for the summer when the weather is hot.

Eat durian in the proper way

Durians are hailed as “the king of fruits”. The English naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) described the taste of durian in its entirety: “The texture and flavor of durian is hard to describe. It is the tastes of egg, butter, milk, seasoning with almonds and cream, cheese, onions and cherry wine.

Even so, it’s still flawless, and the more people eat, the less they want to stop. Actually, eating durian brings a new feeling, which is worth for people do a trip to the east.”

On the nutritional side, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), in 100g of durian edible part, the content of protein, glucid, lipid, minerals and energy values โ€‹โ€‹of durians are significantly higher than other fruits.

Durian is eaten because it is both delicious and nutritious. Its function are stimulating and enhancing sexual function, filtering blood and eliminating helminthes.

However, you should not eat too much (over 150 g durian meat a day) because it will be heat, causing irritation in the body, easy to generate acne.

Those who are more yin, internal heat, with symptoms: skinny person, thin skin, dry skin, heat inside body, warm feet and hand, always feeling thirsty, difficult to sleep, sweating when sleeping, little urine, yellow urine, constipation defect,… need to limit the use of durian. Pregnant women, people with diabetes, high blood pressure, and fever should not eat durian.

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