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street food
Huynh Hoa, a seller of barbecue dishes in HCMC. Photo Guardian
December 24, 2018

Vietnam sidewalk eateries with street food in the eyes of the international newspapers

According to The Guardian, although the number is not small but most sidewalk eateries in Vietnam are not registered in business with the local government. The informal business sector Everyday, Trang’s family wakes up and plans for lunch from 6:00 AM. They started by preparing fried chicken with chili salt, the main dish of the...
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Sticky rice with fruits has the natural sweet taste
October 9, 2018

7 delicious dishes of steamed sticky rice in Hanoi you should try

Xoi (steamed sticky rice) is a popular dish in Hanoi and whole Vietnam. They are sold on many streets of Hanoi with all kinds such as: sticky rice with peanut, sticky rice with gac fruit, or xeo sticky rice…. However, to meet more needs of customers, the shop has created the exotic sticky rice. Here...
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Mouse was sprinkled with lemon leaves, prepared to squeeze water off
September 30, 2018

Attractive specialties from wood mouse (field mouse)

In addition to barbecue, field mouse also fascinate customers with dozens of different processing ways such as boiled field mouse with lemon leaves, fry, roast with chili salt…. Boiled wood mouse is squeezed with lemon leaves After cleaning, the wood mouse was boiled together with rainwater. Cooked mouse is taken off the pot, drained, then...
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Sesame and peanut makes Ke rice girdle cakes more fragrant, savory and easier to eat
May 20, 2018

Ke rice girdle cake – the rustic countryside gift

The seller has one hand rises the cake up, another hand holds the fan and moves on the hot charcoal. The rice girdle cake bulge out and hot, the fragrance emitted by the wind from the fan. From a rustic and idyllic food, today, the rice girdle cake has become an indispensable food on the...
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Cam steamed sticky rice is the popular kind of sweet steamed sticky rice sold in Saigon
May 18, 2018

What to know about all kinds of steamed sticky rice in Saigon

Although not a premium dish, but steamed sticky rice is an indispensable food in the culinary culture of Saigon. In Saigon, as soon as you have just wake up, you can heard the familiar street cries “Dose anybody want to buy steamed sticky rice?” of the street vendor right in the beginning of alley. Then,...
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Durian ice cream
April 30, 2018

4 delectable snacks from durian in Saigon

Durian is an attractive fruit with a strong flavor. This fruit is also a special fruit named: “the king of fruits”. Because durian is the kind of fruit that the king gives to the beauties, the smell of durian is very specific. When durians are processed into snacks on the streets of Saigon, they will...
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