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Can Gio – the ideal place for weekend vacation near Saigon

Can Gio ecotourism area is located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City about 50 km from the city center. This is the favorite tourist site of many tourists from Ho Chi Minh City and other area on the weekend occasion.

Travelling to Can Gio, you will stay away from the noisy, crowded, boisterous and busy atmosphere of urban space and enjoy great resting space in pure and quiet nature.

View of Can Gio
View of Can Gio

Driving directions and transportation vehicle to Can Gio

Because the distance from the center of Ho Chi Minh City to Can Gio is not too far, so you can choose two popular vehicles are buses and motorcycles.

The bus

From Ben Thanh market, you take the bus No. 20 which go to Nha Be and you stop at Binh Khanh ferry. Then, you get on the ferry, cross the river and take the bus No. 90 going straight to the beach. Along the way, if you want to visit any tourist site, you should ask bus driver for dropping you there, because the bus to Can Gio do not has bus stations on the way.

Also, you can take the bus No. 75 from 23 / 9 Park, this bus will go to the bus station in Can Thanh (Can Gio). This bus also passes some familiar tourist site in Can Gio.


Because you can not control your itinerary if you take the bus, so many people choose motorcycles as the main vehicle of transport during the time in Can Gio tourist site.

From the center of Ho Chi Minh city, you drive to Tan Thuan Bridge (District 7), then you turn into Nguyen Van Linh street and then Huynh Tan Phat street, and you keep going to the end of the road is Binh Khanh ferry. You must also buy tickets for the ferry in order to go to Can Gio. From there, you will see a road that goes straight from Can Gio to the center of Can Thanh town. On this street, you can stop at Can Gio beach, Vam Sat relic or Monkey Island … But for parsimony of mind, you should look at traffic signage on the road to avoid getting lost a way.

Although the road to Can Gio is quite nice but it still has many rough cobblestone sections, so you need to prepare necessary tools for repairing motorbike in case of breakdown on the way, because along the road there are very few motorbike repair shops. In particular, you must comply with traffic rules to avoid police tickets on the way, because this road is not crowded with traffic vehicles, so traffic police usually check speed of vehicle.

Apart from above vehicles, you can also go by boat, canoe or motorboat if you can afford and the weather is good.

on way to Can Gio
on way to Can Gio
canoeing in Can Gio
canoeing in Can Gio

Tourist spots in Can Gio

Discovering Vam Sat mangrove forest

Vam Sat mangrove belong to biosphere reserve area of the World with the flora and fauna are abundant. You can unleash to explore famous tourist attractions such as: the bird sanctuary, bats swamp, crocodile farm … to take part in fun leisure activities: fishing, crab catching, bird watching, crocodile fishing, boating, fishing by nets, …If you want to relax in quiet and pristine forests, you can sit on canoe and going on lush green canals with the row of mangrove cover surrounding.

Discovering Vam Sat mangrove
Discovering Vam Sat mangrove

Playing game on Can Gio beach

It is not as noisy and crowded as the beach of Vung Tau, but Can Gio beach ( 30 / 4 beach) is still considered as familiar swimming address of tourists to this quite and peaceful beach. You can enjoy fun of outside games on the water with friends and relatives in an atmosphere of freedom and tranquility.

Visiting Monkey Island

Monkey Island is an attractive destination for travelers to Can Gio. Here, there are more than 1,000 monkeys with many different species, and they are very bold and wise. You can come close to shake their hands or feed them and take advantage of shooting few unique photos taken as souvenirs. But you must be careful to protect jewelry items carefully because there are some naughty monkeys often steal some items of travelers.

The island of monkey
The island of monkey

Experience the adventure game: crocodile fishing

The Vam Sat tourist area have some large crocodile farms which help tourists can visit, learn about the prey hunting behavior of crocodiles and especially challenging yourself to play the adventure game of crocodile fishing.

This adventure game may sound dangerous, but it is actually very safe. You’ll be taken to the crocodile pond with crocodiles are hungry and you sit on a rubber boat was inflated; a safety fence surrounding is made from B40 steel nets. Now, tourists just sit inside the boat, release fishing rod and wait for crocodile biting the bait to enjoy feeling of crocodile pull the rod.

game of fishing crocodile
game of fishing crocodile

Enjoy delicious and cheap seafood – specialty of beach

Can Gio has a variety of fresh seafood that tourists coming here can not be ignored, shrimp is a nice dish and a choice of many tourists. Here, there are many kind of shrimp as prawns, Gach Son shrimp, Sat shrimp … but the best is Gach Son shrimp which usually appear in March and April of lunar calendar and you can steam or bake as your hobby.

Besides, Can Gio seafood also has snail, crab and swimming crab. When you come here, you should definitely try Cum crab – one kind of crab primarily live in mangroves, their meat is very firm and tasty.

Whether you choose to enjoy any kind of seafood, Can Gio seafood always create very special appetite for eater. However, you should also bargain the price and consider carefully before buying to avoid you buy poor quality products or buy something with too high price.

This is a nice place for tourists. Do not spend too much money and time of moving, you still have an ecological tour very interesting, so you will choose Can Gio for your this weekend vacation?

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