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June 6, 2015

Characteristics of Vietnamese

A president of The United State have also openly admitted: “Vietnam is a country with a long and sustainable history. Vietnam people demonstrated for the entire world to know that Vietnam has the right of self-determination and disposition for their future”. In order to continue that tradition, youth need to know themselves more and they must overcome limitations on the way of integration of Vietnam.

Is it important to recognize characteristics of a nation

A people who identify themselves having all of virtue without bad habits – That is a people living in illusion. And a people lives in the illusion, the degradation will come to them sooner or later. We can say there is not any nation on this earth having all of virtues. Example is Japanese. They may have a lot of good traits, but a bad trait cannot deny that Japanese is not friendly; it is difficult to get along with other races. They are aloof and not open-hearted as Vietnamese.

Jewish people are too smart; they always do his own advantage and refuse to share with others. Thus, another people hate them. Profiting and sharing with others to create a durable and long relationship. The French have a lot of good characteristics but they are too stylish and self-esteem, so they lagged behind Germany, the US, and Japan – these countries were formerly inferior France. Americans are very good – but they are too liberal and do not teach morality and ethics in schools.

And China? Why is a country that has produced great thinkers like Confucius, Mencius, Xun Zi, Lao Tzu, and Chuang Tzu … but there were so many tyrants, wicked and licentious woman affecting to the country and people?

Characteristics of Vietnamese
Characteristics of Vietnamese

How about Vietnamese?

In the purpose of the nation and people development, I try to analyze what virtues and negative qualities Vietnamese have. In the song: “Vietnam! Vietnam!” musician Pham Duy has greatest dream is one day the people of Vietnam “would bring the sacred flame inspired whole the world “.

I also hope Vietnam have such day. But that day has not come yet. That day will come true if the people of Vietnam have looked at ourselves to preserve and promote the good, eliminating the bad. Wise people find themselves at fault and repair. A nation or an individual will always live in illusion and dark when cocooned himself with values which they do not have… Here are bad and good qualities of Vietnamese.

Vietnamese characteristics in the eyes of foreigners

Vietnamese is very diligent in works but we are easily satisfied, this leads to the serious psychological of enjoyment.

Intelligent, creative, but not patient, lack of thinking in a long-term range, not be actively.

Ingenious, but not maintain the effort until the end (not be interested in the final finishing step of the product).

Vietnamese is both practical and dreamy, but we have no consciousness of improving to the reasoning.

Eager to learn, able to acquire quickly, but rarely learn fully the content, so knowledge is not in the order of the system, losing of basic. In addition, the study is not in their own goal of every Vietnamese (we study because of family when we was young, we study because of honor when we grew up, study because of jobs, less study because of character and passion)

Liberal and hospitable but not lasting.

Expenditure savings, but sometime squandering because of vain goals (arrogant, bragging, wanting to be better than the others).

Vietnamese has a spirit of solidarity and mutual love, but almost those are only right in circumstances of difficulty and poverty. Also in the better and richer living conditions, this virtue appears rarely.

Loving peace, patient, but sometimes we have the aggression and the aggressive because of narcissism and errands reasons.

Loving gathering in group, but lack of coherence to generate power (with the same job, a person do it well, three people do it worse than, seven people spoil it)

Learning Vietnamese
Learning Vietnamese

Vietnamese characteristics in the eyes of Vietnamese

Habits of not punctual: Overall, timing awareness of Vietnamese is very bad. Many of Vietnamese go to abroad for studying in the developed countries is very crestfallen at the beginning. They are vulnerable to miss the train, break a promise with someone but they gradually overcome. Until they come back Vietnam, they are uncomfortable with the habits of not punctual.

Lack of self-confidence and critical thinking: This is also the weakness of the East culture which has a closed lifestyle. Many third-year and fourth-year students of University still are afraid expressing or presenting the problem before the crowd because of lack of confidence, lack of habit to think, studying at school with the way copying teacher’s words. Type of passive education is always proportional to the inertia of thinking and inversely proportional to the critical thinking of youth.

Do not saving: or psychological of the spendthrift. This is “a kind of virus” very common and contagious among youth. They are particularly interested in advertising, watching all kinds of clothing labels; review and evaluate others by assets; envy and admire if someone has a lot of clothes, cars, phones, houses … We are currently spending money more than we earn.

Lack of personal responsibility: Generally, with normal people, we often push our responsibility to the other people. When any problem happens, that would be a fault of group.

Unrealistic thinking: Mr. Kim Woo Choong – President of Daewoo says: “Youth do not have dreams do not have to be youth … history belongs to those who know to dream.” But that’s totally dreams can become true. We often think unrealistic, lack of thinking: studying to work.

It is very limit in team work. The 21st century is the century of teamwork for all fields of social life, even literature and art, an individual cannot afford to do all of works.

Professional manner: This is a very important point which may imply some above mentioned points.

Professional manner: This is a very important point which may imply some above mentioned points. An American sociologist told about the origin of farmer’s manner in working as follows: “After finishing sowing paddy, a farmer can drink wine, sleep all the day and wait until the time of weeding and fertilizing. It does not matter if he works later than some days. But a worker work with the machine always must be on time with absolute precision operation and high sense of discipline. One small misstep can cause harm to all production line. “

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    Yeah, I think this blog is alright! Vietnamese really has many limitations that need modifying to show other countries. After reading this article, I am happy because Vietnamese has many good characters but we still has many bad things that make us ashamed with international friends. Thank you for your blog that show me see the limitations of Vietnamese people ☺!

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