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Flowers bloom in Ta Chi Nhu – the cloudy land in the Northwest of Vietnam

Known as the paradise of cloud that is the most beautiful area in the Northwest of Vietnam, Ta Chi Nhu end of the autumn is also the land of a miracle flower named chi pau. Ta Chi Nhu peak with an altitude of 2,979 meters above sea level is the destination of many mountaineers in their plan.

Mountaineers stand in the cloud - image Nguyen Huong
Mountaineers stand in the cloud – image Nguyen Huong

Conquer the steep slopes

When the first winter gusts brought with it a bit of cold to the north, we began to depart from Hanoi to head straight to the Tram Tau (Yen Bai). The weather will be cold and dry is the most suitable for people to conquer the mountain peak nearly 3,000 m. After a night stay at Tram Tau, we started to find our way to the Mo Chi, in Xa Ho commune.

The road from the district center to the area of Mo Chi is only about 20 km but quite sloppy, winding with many steep passes and occasionally cross the stream. Giang A Chu – born in 1990, a professional porter (porter and tour guide) we hired in the Mong village – said that want to conquer the peak 2.979 m, people have to climb nearly 7 km with the consecutive and steep trail.

“The trail for mountain climbing is very difficult because the terrain here is rocky, steep, so you guys need to have good health …” – Giang A Chu recommended.

In addition, right from the first steps, people had to climb a steep hillside, very high. Although quite hard, but near noon time, our team arrived at a place called Ba Cay Hill, where there are 3 chestnut trees growing high between the hill of weeds and here is a familiar stop on the way climbing to Ta Chi Nhu peak.

After drinking water, recharging the energy with some food to gain strength and record the wild scenic around with camera, we continue to conquer new attitude. Upward slopes here are covered with jagged stones or we had to go in the middle of the dense bush, sometimes to put a foot into the trail is also extremely difficult.

Lost in the forest of chi pau flowers (unknown name of flowers) that is wild and wonderful - Photo NGUYEN HUONG
Lost in the forest of chi pau flowers (unknown name of flowers) that is wild and wonderful – Photo NGUYEN HUONG

Enjoy the beauty of flowers and clouds

After six hours of climbing, early in the afternoon, our group reached the altitude of 2,500 meters. In front of our eyes was an immense space, clear with the vast forest and blooming flowers.

The name of the flower still unknown, even a native person (Mong group) as A Chu also does not know the name of flower. Perhaps, because of that reason, the Mong people call the strange flower on Ta Chi Nhu the name chi pau (in Mong dialect means “do not know or do not understand”).

Unspoiled mountains, wild forest, vast clouds, beautiful small flower buds blooming with mountain goats grazing grass have created a beautiful picture. The Mong people living in the villages around them have made their huts near the top to graze their horses, cows and goats.

In the midst of the mountain, the cattle grazing in the middle of the forest flower, giving the beautiful landscape the breath of life and the attraction of all species.

The camping site was chosen in advance. That is a flat ground, and in the morning after waking up, people would see an impressive dawn. After camping, people with A Chu prepare dinner with chickens grilled, roasted and boiled; pork, rice, soup, wild vegetables and a little corn wine to warm up body.

After dinner, everyone had a tired day and quickly fell asleep. The next morning, when we got out of the tent, in front of our eyes were the sea of white cloud, cloud hugs the mountains. Blue Mountains are scattered like floating islands between the seas of ​​clouds.

Conquerors were at the top of the mountain

The way to the top of Ta Chi Nhu was not far away; everyone excitedly packed the luggage and leisurely walked through the mountain blooms many flowers in big area. The Chi Ta Nhu peak is now fitted with a stainless steel pyramid with an altitude of 2,979 m above sea level. Here is a flat ground, we started to rest, drink water, eat some snack and prepare to go down mountain.

Ta Chi Nhu (belongs to Phu Luong Mountain of Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range) is actually the name given by the mountaineers, written on the pyramid of stainless steel mounted on the top of this mountain.

With the Thai people, this mountain is called Phu Song Sung, and Mong people call Chung Chua Nha. With an altitude of 2.979 m, Ta Chi Nhu peak ranks 7th in Vietnam’s mountain peaks according to the latest data and is the rooftop of Yen Bai province.

With good health and fully equipped with professional equipment, people can climb mountains and go back for 1 day. The most familiar journey for everyone is 2 days 1 night. The most beautiful time for climbing mountain is in October and November of solar calendar, when you can both see clouds and watch flowers blooming.

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