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December 24, 2018

Hoi An Ancient Town – the strange attraction for tourists

Perhaps in Vietnam, no city attracts more tourists than the ancient town of Hoi An (Quang Nam) because many people come here many times are not bored by a strange charm, difficult to explain.

Hoi An Ancient Town - the strange attraction for tourists
Hoi An Ancient Town – the strange attraction for tourists

Traces of ancient times

If someone says Hoi An have nothing, Hoi An has only bicycles and Westerners, Hoi An cramped and old… then they must be just travelers suddenly come and go, never once lived with the ancient town.

Through the vicissitudes of time, Hoi An always seems to bring a little something nostalgic. Old houses, winding alleyways, colorful lanterns … all made up a city full of poetry. If you want to understand why this place can be sown in the heart of tourists a lot of memory, perhaps, you have to slowly go and see this city.

Sunrise in the ancient town of Hoi An

If you want to see what a simple and rustic Hoi An, you should get up before dawn. At that time, the town was quiet, the time seemed to stop drifting, and the space was like condensed. Strolling around the corners, the mossy wall is still slightly dewy. Slowly on the road, few people are enjoying the fresh and cool air. On the river, some people continue to work in the journey of life.

Occasionally, some tourists walk around with the camera to record beautiful moments. At the corner of the street, some of the shops started to show up things. When the first rays of sunlight touch the roof, through the old walls and shine the pink bougainvillea flower, one day of the people in ancient town is officially began.

At 6:00 AM, the street starts to get busier with peddlers and bikers. Some people get up early to exercise, go to the market and read the newspaper. Girls go to school with white traditional costume. In the early sun, Hoi An is clear and peaceful with paintings by painter Bui Xuan Phai.

The atmosphere changes when tourists wake up. The quiet Hoi An is returning to the image of a resort area with shops and people’s footsteps. Sipping a cup of coffee and bite crispy bread is Hoi An way to welcome new day.

At midday, the sunlight is yellow like the gold color. The city get the typical character of the central Vietnam. The winding HoaiRiver shows up the glittering beauty like silver. Meanwhile, Hoi An on rainy days brings the fanciful and incredible charm. At that time, the city looked less festive atmosphere.

People are not busy. Around the area is the rain. Hoi An in the rain is beautiful, strange and sad, which is hard to describe. However, rain cannot stop visitor’s footsteps. Therefore, sometimes, the whole town is full of colorful umbrellas.

Hoi An is a distinct city

Telling about Hoi An, one person told me that this place is unique. There is no interfusion, the intact city with wooden houses, moss-tiled roofs, and red bougainvillea flowers, lanterns in front of house and on the water. Hoi An is a city but very quiet.

Here, the inadvertent flow of time like cannot bury the ancient atmosphere of a few hundred years ago. In Hoi An, people seem to be slow to live. The old town’s charms make people fall in love, forget the way to go back. Therefore, many new people visit here once have “fell in love” with this town.

Rahahn, one of the world’s leading photographers, said he decided to sell his French home and took his family to Hoi An for living after a trip in 2007. “All day, I can enjoy the tranquility of Hoi An, watch the breeze blowing the petals in the lotus pond in front of the house. The echoes of the water resound when neighbors water vegetables surrounding,” he shared.

After spending many years in more than 30 countries around the world, he is happy to move to this riverside city. Rahahn said that when he step out of the house, the neighbors smile and greet him. Vietnam help the French photographer found more freedom and happiness than anywhere he had ever come.

“Hoi An favors me exactly what an artist needs. Here, people do not rush, the pace is not too busy and not much thing to distract me,” he said. Meanwhile, in terms of photography, Réhahn consider the city as an outdoor studio. “The yellow walls, traditional lifestyles and friendly people… this is really a paradise for photographers,” he emphasized.

Hoi An people are simple and honest

Wherever it is, man is the soul of the land. Not as courteous as the North people and not as generous as the South people, but the Central people are very sincere and kind. The voices, laughing, greeting that are gentle and humble in the mossy old town scene proved all.

Hoi An people are simple, friendly and hospitable. They warmly welcome everybody in their area. If you are lucky, you can be invited by the local to come home for dinner. Diner is simple but very delicious. The closer you meet them, the more you recognize the lovely Hoi An. They willing to advice tourists: “Do not buy so much. Buy this much is enough” or “The things of opposite store is newer than mine. You can try to go there and have look”.

And so on, in the moonlit night, people listen to the singing on Hoai River.They wander each small alley and stop by the road to eat a bowl of aromatic food at noontime. In the evening, they sit down by the river, feeling the peace of life on the eyelids … Hoi An people put the ancient town’s image in the hearts of the visitors, make them remember, make them love and have to come back here with desire regain the warmth and feel their soul.

Wishing to come back Hoi An

In the heart of many people, Hoi An is a town coming out of the fairyland. Many girls have told themselves that one day will bring the boyfriend here, sitting together on a small wooden boat quietly drifting on the river, dropping lantern and watching the moon at the bottom of water.

By night, Hoi An looks very picturesque. On the shore, the people move in festival atmosphere. The riddle sentences are highly hung to wait for people solve. Bright lanterns shine throughout the place. Poet Nguyen Ngoc once wrote about Hoi An: “Night of ancient town … bright lanterns, Cross visitors … surprised people. There is a beautiful girl, standing to look at the street and lantern”.

For some, Hoi An is the youth. When the adolescence is full, they are excited to see everywhere, eat the best specialties, and gather in the fun filled with laughter. Nevertheless, Hoi An is also the hoariness, when people sit quietly on the steps, looking for friends to drink wine, play chess. From couples to the single, anyone can come to this place. Moreover, no matter who you are, the ancient town will never let you down.

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