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Hoi An Ancient Town - the strange attraction for tourists
December 24, 2018

Hoi An Ancient Town – the strange attraction for tourists

Perhaps in Vietnam, no city attracts more tourists than the ancient town of Hoi An (Quang Nam) because many people come here many times are not bored by a strange charm, difficult to explain. Hoi An Ancient Town – the strange attraction for tourists Traces of ancient times If someone says Hoi An have nothing,...
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the meridian gate
December 21, 2018

The Lam Kinh Relics – the ancient capital in Thanh Hoa is getting attention

About 50 km from the center of Thanh Hoa province, Lam Kinh relics have many works of history with hundreds of years old. Overview of ancient Lam Kinh Citadel Historical area of Lam Kinh is 200 ha (Tho Xuan district, Thanh Hoa province) where the hero Le Loi organized the rebellion against the Ming invaders....
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Hue - The Imperial City
August 8, 2018

Hue Travel Guide

Referring to Hue, people often think of palaces, king’s tombs and ancient temples with interesting old stories about the ancient emperors. Once in the life, each Vietnamese wish to travel to Hue to see the vivid evidence of the last feudal dynasty. Beside that, the relaxed and gentle beauty or slow life styles here are...
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Hoi An sparkles in the night. Travelingalice
July 12, 2018

Hoi An Travel Guide

Highlighted in the tourist route of Central Vietnam, Hoi An Ancient Town is like a rustic, simple and poetic painting. Whether it’s in the day or at night, Hoi An tourism still has its own charms. In addition to cultural values through diverse architecture, Hoi An still preserves a rather large intangible cultural background. The...
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the peaceful life in Hoi An
May 18, 2018

Travelling to Hoi An: What to do if you have 2 days and 2 nights?

Hoi An is an ancient city located in the Central of Vietnam. Hoi An impresses with the tourists by the clean streets, less traffic, the small and beautiful shops, Hoi An also is recognized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) as World Cultural Heritage. With fresh air and tranquility, this is an...
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The tourists are fascinated by the discovery of the Cu Chi tunnels
January 12, 2018

The experience of traveling to Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi tunnels are famous as the strongest revolutionary base of Vietnam. When you come here, you will not only discover the secret tunnels under the ground, but also visit the East Sea simulators, participate in entertainment services and enjoy the dishes only in Cu Chi. Please refer to the below experience of visiting the...
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the silk villgae of Van Phuc
January 11, 2018

Van Phuc silk village makes the renowned Vietnam silk with its finesse

Van Phuc silk village is located about fifteen kilometers from the center of Hanoi, the village of Van Phuc is similar to a silk ribbon that runs along the Nhue River. The natural silk of Van Phuc, called Ha Dong silk and renowned for its finesse, is a high-end product very popular. History of Van...
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Hoa Lu ancient capital
November 16, 2017

Hoa Lu Ninh Binh, the rustic ancient capital

Hoa Lu is the ancient capital of Vietnam, is situated 90km from Hanoi. Hoa Lu was the capital during the 10th century. It was the capital of three feudal dynasties of Vietnam. Dinh, Tien Le and Ly. Visitors travel to Ninh Binh, they do not miss to visit the ancient capital of Hoa Lu Ninh...
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Ponagar Tower - Nha Trang
October 17, 2015

Mysterious Ponagar Tower In Nha Trang

Go to the coastal city of Nha Trang, you should visit the  Ponagar tower – one of the historical and cultural (already government ranking) very famous here. Location From the city center to Ponagar tower about 2km to the North, the tower was built on a relatively flat ground, a spacious granite hill, over 10m...
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My Son Sanctuary
October 17, 2015

My Son Sanctuary – World Cultural Heritage

This was the venue sacrifice of the Champa dynasty, as well as the tomb of the king or prince Champa. My Son Sanctuary is considered one of the centers of the major shrines of Hinduism in Southeast Asia and the unique heritage of its kind in Viet Nam. Location My Son Sanctuary located on Duy...
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The wooden cathedral of Kon Tum
July 28, 2015

The wooden cathedral of Kon Tum Province

Located beside the green and dreamy river of Dak Bla, Kon Tum city is always a destination of many travelers who are interested in exploring the wild and majestic beauty of green forests, and the ancient features of stilt houses of Ba Na people including 100 years old church known as the Cathedral of Kon...
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Phong Nha caves
May 20, 2015

Experiences of traveling to Phong Nha Caves, Quang Binh

It is dubbed as “underground palace”, Phong Nha Cave is one of the most magnificent and magical wonders in world. This Cave nestles deeply in the World Natural Heritage – Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, ancient karst topography, the chronology of forming is about 350 to 400 million years. Phong Nha Cave is located at Km...
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a pottery maker in Bat Trang
May 12, 2015

Travel experience to Bat Trang ceramic village of Vietnam

General information about Bat Trang ceramic village Bat Trang ceramic village is located along the Red River in Gia Lam District, Hanoi capital suburb. Bat Trang means “The Big Yard”, is a land for the specialization. Bat Trang name is formed from Le dynasty, it is the integration between five big and famous pottery families...
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The tower at Fenghuang ancient town
May 6, 2015

The poetic beauty of Fenghuang ancient town in China

Fenghuang Ancient Town is also called Phoenix Ancient Town is an ancient town in Fenghuang County, Hunan Province, China. Ancient town was built on the bank of Tuo Jiang River over 1000 years ago. This is the most attractive monument of culture and history in the country of Great Wall. History of Fenghuang ancient town Fenghuang...
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Cau pagoda in Hoi An
April 25, 2015

Unique architecture of Hoi An ancient town

Hoi An is an ancient town located downstream of Thu Bon River, delta area of Quang Nam province Vietnam, about 30km from Da Nang City in southern direction. Thanks to its favorable geographical factors, Hoi An was a thriving international commercial port, the meeting place of merchant ships as: Japan, China and the West during...
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