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May 7, 2015

How to get cheap airfare for your budget travel

Flexible time of booking, receiving regular emails from airlines and travel companies … are ways to find out cheap flight tickets.

Cheap airline ticket does not mean you have to fly with low-cost airlines. Some tips below can help you find and buy cheap airfare for your memorable tour.

Booking airfare for a long time before your trip

Many “experts of hunting airfare” say that they can know properly when airlines will offer cheap flight tickets and how long they have to buy or book in advance. One recently popular opinion is you have to buy airfare properly 54 days before departure. Many people said that if they buy flight tickets at 3pm on Tuesday or at midnight on Wednesday, they will get cheap tickets.

However, airlines usually have unpredictable days of offering cheap airfare. Nobody can really predict exactly airfare price and the date of selling before airlines notify  officially .

Let's hunt the promotion of Airlines
Let’s hunt the promotion of Airlines

Updating information regularly

Airfare price fluctuate during the day and number of seats are sold at low price changing regularly. If someone who booked a cheap airfare and that ticket was overdue, maybe you’ll be the next owner. If you see airfare of departing at 10 am too expensive, let’s try checking another flight in the day, one day or one week before and after the expected date. You can open search page on computer to find flight ticket and sometimes use “refresh” button once. You should download free apps for smart phones as Cheapoair.

Receiving email of airfare notification

This is probably the easiest way to check airfares. Many tourist websites invite you to register for receiving email and they will regularly update the latest fare price to your email box address. Let’s try accessing internet and type in “airfare alerts”, you will see a lot of results. Some websites require you to register for web member, and others do not.

Get email of airfare notification
Get email of airfare notification

Using Twitter

Email is an effective way, but one of other tools immediately appear on your computer screen, cell phone, notebook is Twitter. That’s the way you can keep following of information about cheap airfares every day of the week, notes for member’s promotion codes of airlines and destinations that interest you.

Flexible departure date

If you do not mind the departure time to get cheap flight, you should try many different days and flight times. In addition to websites sell airfare, many airlines only sale airfare on their own website. You also should consider to websites of travel companies because they will tell you that departing with one airline and coming back with another one may be cheaper.

Vietnam Airlines
Vietnam Airlines regularly has the promotion

Using Priceline for the last-minute

If you do not have 7, 14 or 21 days to prepare and book flight tickets in advance, so you can try Priceline.com. Here is the solution for journeys which are decided at the last-minute. You will not know the exact departure time or airline which you will use until you pay but the price will be only half of the usual.

Please note extra fees before payment

Most low-cost airlines have very clear rules of luggage including hand luggage and checked luggage. When you book tickets with the second language, you need to pay attention to do not lose money on luggage items, taxes, …

Combining airfare and flight

If you fly from Vietnam to Europe, you can save money if you buy a cheap flight ticket from Vietnam to Singapore with AirAsia, and from Singapore to Paris (France) with Singapore Airlines.

In order to do this, you need the time and patience to compare, but it will be very interesting if you could save a few hundred US dollars to pay for the cost of playing at destinations. Also, if you take the time to fly in transit to the 3rd country, airfare can often be cheaper than straight flight.

Having many options of airport in destinations

Big cities often have many airports around, if you are a traveler and you love to explore, you can try to check the flight to London Gatwick maybe cheaper than the flight landing at London Heathrow, or rather landing at Tokyo Narita you can try Tokyo Haneda.

Buying airfares of airlines who will refund the difference if prices fall

For example, if you have just found and bought the cheapest ticket on the condition: “no refund”. After that, airline offer cheaper new price for the same trip and you will not get back money of the difference. In the past, a lot of companies had a refund policy, but now there are only few companies like JetBlue, Southwest and Alaska.

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