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June 19, 2015

Bang rapids – a new tourist site in Da Nang city

For those who love discovery activities, Da Nang seems to be not new and strange because all landscapes and destinations have already suffused of tourists and services. But, there is one other place; the strange and wild area is in the heart of Da Nang city – a tourism center in the Middle of Vietnam.

Bang rapids is a tourist destination which is not as popular as beaches, hotels and other ecotourism sites in Da Nang ,but that does not make people known less than about this tourist site. Recently, the name Bang rapids has been gradually known and discovered by tourists from near and far areas. Exploring new destinations in Da Nang as Bang rapids will bring fun and satisfaction to you.

Bang rapids
Bang rapids

Location of Bang rapids

Bang rapids is far from the center of Da Nang city about 20 km, it is a very interesting place for those who delight to explore nature or travel as a backpacker with friends.

Bang rapids is located in a secluded area of Son Tra Peninsula with convoluted and winding path, it is trouble for walking. Bang rapids is suitable with tourists who like to explore. They can experience going on the stretch of road along the windy coast with big wave overtopping. By the end of asphalt road, vehicles must stop in a parking lot and visitors begin a journey to walk about 2 kilometers, through rocks with jagged edges and very sharp seashells always be ready to cut the heel of people who do not pay attention.

Characteristics of Bang rapids

Rocks is along the beach about 2 km long with many boulders of all shapes and sizes, you can occasionally see the smooth sands are located at a humble place beside rock cliff, becoming the bright spot between the dark black color of the rock and the emerald color of immense sea.

Staying behind large rugged rocks is a long beach with blue sea, white sand, sun light and coconut lines reclining shadow on the sand. Bang rapids is wild and rustic with the business of the household. They are local people with the life of poverty; they offer very simple service but very friendly and honest. In Bang rapids also have beautiful coral reefs be equivocal and near the sea-shore easy for travelers to explore.

Perhaps, because the separation of rock lines or the simplicity of the service help Bang rapids retains the wild even if it seems not far away Da Nang – the tourist center is considered as the most or second popular destination in the country. And perhaps because of that, Bang rapids also become an attractive spot for people who love unspoiled and rustic place.

The coral reef here is not too deep. If you can swim, understand ocean currents and a simply diving goggles, you can dive to explore the small fish group sparkling in the sea water surrounding coral reefs which are full of colors. You can also relax with a fishing rod and bait powder to looking for silence and a dinner on the beach by your achievements in those quiet moments.

Here, tourists are quite few, mainly local visitors or self-organized tourists who travel by motorcycle, they sing, eat and play games on the beach. That makes the landscape very wild and pristine. Along the beach over 2 km are thousands of big rocks with a lot of shapes, surrounding the rock are covered by lush and green trees.

Tourism activities

Tourists diving at Ghenh Bang
Tourists diving at Ghenh Bang

Snorkeling and scuba diving are always the dream of those who love to explore. The feeling that you see for yourself to admire the world of the brilliant aquarium full of coral, fish species and marine species is nothing can compare. Therefore, an unspoiled natural place like Bang rapids became an interesting and less costly destination.

When you swim in the sea, it is very easy to detect large or small coral reef hidden under the clear sea water. The coral here is quite attractive with a discovery tour. No oxygen tank, you just do snorkeling only with simple goggles which was made by local people. However, it is enough to admire the colorful fish groups and other exotic marine species.

Here, the coral is not as much colorful as the coral in Nha Trang, but it is also attractive enough for a discovery tour. When diving into the water, visitors can easily admire the spatula fish, colorful lion fishes and the fancy sea snail clinging underneath coral…

Saying Bang rapids is a unspoiled tourist site, that is not entirely true, because even if people have to go out of asphalt road, walking on the trail more than 1km, this area still has a couple of shacks were built by local people. Maybe we can call this area is an eco-tourism area with services such as: A few bottles of water, a few tents, fishing rods for rent and powder bait, diving homemade goggles… But the lack of services creates the specific attraction of Bang rapids.

There are many kinds of fishes in Bang rapids and very easy for fishing with the rod. Occasionally, there are some big fishes which can pull the fishing rod of “amateur fishermen” far from the sea-shore.

In order to fishing in the rapids, you only need to prepare the necessary and simple tools as possible. Sometime, you meet the big fish which pull your fishing rod away into the sea. Fishes in Bang rapids are very good quality. You do not have to sail on the ocean, do not take too much time and cost, you can also get a interesting trip, relieve stress and fatigue; you also have gifts to your family and friends with some fishes at the weekends.

Therefore, Bang rapids (Son Tra district, Da Nang city) is a wild, attractive and new address which tourists certainly cannot skip when they come to explore the beautiful city of this Central Coast.

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