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Lonely tree in Nga Ba Tinh
January 28, 2019

10 best lonely trees in Vietnam for the youth “check-in” and take photo

10 lonely trees seem to be simple but when they are inside the image, they become very magical. People call them lonely trees but they are not lonely at all because there are many tourists who come to “check-in” and take photos. Lonely pine in Dalat city (Lam Dong province) “Lonely tree” is on the...
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The shaman performs ceremonies at the front yard to invite the gods visit family
December 14, 2018

Ceremony of blowing air on baby’s ear – first rites in the lifespan of the Ba Na people

Blowing air on baby’s ear (Thoi Tai) is a ritual ceremony for babies under 24 months, praying the gods to protect and teach people’s children to grow up. This is the first rites in the lifespan and the important ceremony of Ba Na ethnic minority people in Central Highland of Viet Nam. Ritual is the way...
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Grilled teat of cow
October 23, 2018

The dishes are made of the “sensitive” animal body parts

Nam nuong, ngau pin, soup tinh hoan… are dishes made from the “sensitive” parts of chickens, goats, cows or horses, are very popular in barbecue restaurant in Hanoi. The above dishes are very attractive to diners, especially the men, because there is a general belief in the people about health benefits. Ngau pin nuong (grilled...
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