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October 23, 2018

The dishes are made of the “sensitive” animal body parts

Nam nuong, ngau pin, soup tinh hoan… are dishes made from the “sensitive” parts of chickens, goats, cows or horses, are very popular in barbecue restaurant in Hanoi. The above dishes are very attractive to diners, especially the men, because there is a general belief in the people about health benefits.

Ngau pin nuong (grilled cow’s penis)

Ngau pin nuong is a dish made from the genitals of bulls. When grilling, this dish becomes the favorite food of men.

Ngau pin nuong is attractive to men
Ngau pin nuong is attractive to men

Ngau pin are processed by slicing penis of cow into small pieces, marinated with spice and honey, sandwiched in blisters or put ​​in skewer and then grilled on charcoal to turn out yellow. The dish tastes is sweet, tasty, tough and good smell of honey. Ngau pin nuong is often dipped in chili sauce, served with a variety of herbs such as saw leaf, basil, mint, fish mint, spearmint…

In Hanoi, you can find this kind of restaurant in Phuong Liet Street, Nguyen Khanh Toan Street, Le Thanh Nghi Street or Phung Hung Street.

Chicken testicle soup (soup tinh hoan ga)

Many people like this dish by saying that it enhances the vitality of men. The method is also very simple, just chopped chive leaves and stuffed in the middle of the chicken testicles, steam them above water. In addition, chicken testicles can be stir fried with vegetables, still soft and sweet.

This dish is very popular in Vietnam. You can easily find it in chicken specialties restaurant in Hanoi.

Teat of cow (nam bo)

Grilled teat of cow (nam bo) is a favorite dish of many people, especially on cold winter days. It is easy to make but the most important is marinated stage and sauce. The grilled teat of cow is crispy, tasty with the aroma of cooking oil, butter. This dish is served with okra, tomato, eggplant, onion.

Grilled teat of cow
Grilled teat of cow

Different from grilled teat of cow, fried cow’s teat are put in pan with boiling oil after marinated, a little powder and sesame… turn to yellow color. As a result, the outer crust is crispy but the inner layer is soft.

This dish can be found at the restaurants on Pham Ngoc Thach Street, Ma May Street.

Penis of horses (pin ngua)

Penis of horses is preferred by many men. Because, this is the food that has the good effect, supporting for men’s health. Penis of horses is cleaned, chopped and then cooked with chicken broth. Snake head fish is finely chopped with egg white, spices, wine, onions, ginger, mushrooms, and make up balls and then steamed in pot. When eating, penis of horses is presented with the fish balls, then sprinkle with the stewed water add a bit of backing power and often eat hot.

In addition, another cooking process is equally attractive. Penis of horses is soaked in hot water and removes the outer skin, wash, chop and stir fry with chicken, add a little bit of ginger for fragrant. Stir until turn to yellow color and pour the water, spices, little sparkling wine, when eaten penis of horses is very soft and crispy.

This dish is sold at the restaurant on Hoang Quoc Viet Street

Grilled teat of goat (nam de nuong)

In Hanoi there are many goat-related eateries, especially grilled teat of goat.  Teat of goat is soft, crispy, marinated and grilled on charcoal stove. This dish is often dipped with the fermented bean curd.

Grilled teat of goat is usually eaten with spinach and okra. When the grilled teat of goat turns to dark yellow color, you will pick up, dip in fermented bean curd, and put it into your mouth.
Grilled teat of goat is usually eaten with spinach and okra. When the grilled teat of goat turns to dark yellow color, you will pick up, dip in fermented bean curd, and put it into your mouth.

The fermented bean curd should be well mixed, not too salty nor too sweet, and added a bit spicy chili paste. This is a favorite dish of many people, especially in cool weather.

Steamed goat’s testicle (ca de hap)

This is a favorite food of men. To make steamed goat’s testicle (ngoc duong), people choose the testicle, kidney, or goat’s penis and chopped to thin slices, marinated with garlic and onion, put on the plate, pour the wine on and burning, heat of the wine will cook goat’s testicle.

In addition, they also use goat’s testicle to cook into hot pot. Hot pot broth is made from lotus root, lotus seeds and then dip testicle into pot. However, you should only dip to well done;otherwise, it will reduce the effect of goat’s testicle.

This dish can be found on Tay Son Street, Nguyen Khang Street.

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