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November 3, 2017

The island of Phu Quoc is real paradise island


Phu Quoc is the natural island and still preserved concrete that has so disfigured some islands of South East Asia. Located 120km from the city Rach Gia and 50 minutes flights from Ho Chi Minh city, Phu Quoc is in the province of Kien Giang, has a clean and pleasant climate, abundant products, primitive forests and beautiful beaches, natural conditions ideal to attract visitors.

Overview of Phu Quoc island

The island, with a surface area of 550km2, lies in the south of Cambodia and to the west of the Vietnamese coast (45km). It is the largest of Vietnamese islands and is surrounded by small islands suitable for scuba diving.

Climate: tropical with a dry season from November to late May and a monsoon from June to November. Temperature ranges from 27 to 35 degrees. It is always good and the rainy season is characterized only by short, refreshing downpours.

Phu Quoc island
Phu Quoc island

Phu Quoc, called by several tourists, the paradise of Asia” or “pearl island of Asia’, has an original natural configuration with 99 hills and mountains from North to South, wid valley and beautiful whites sand beaches. This island also has several magnificient streams such as Da Ban, Tien,  Ky Da, and primitive flora with abundant vegetation carpets hosting 929 plant species.

In the sea, there are coral reef, valuable and rare fish species of great value. In particular, it is near this island that carets come to spawn.

Phu Quoc island is the pearl island of Vietnam
Phu Quoc island is the pearl island of Vietnam

The community culture of its inhabitant is rich and marked by an indigenous identity closely linked to the traditional craft village, which encompass several historical relics

Resource of island

Phu Quoc is good island is traditionally toward the sea which constitutes a rich heritage both for the tourism and the fishing activities. The resources of the islands are however fast enough to list:

– Tourism and ecotourism: The island welcome around 40,000 tourists per year

– Cultivation of black pepper

– Fishing

– Sauce fish, Nuoc Mam industry: The island has the reputation of manufacturing the best Nuoc Mam in Vietnam and manufactures 6.000.000 liters a year

– Cultured pearl: experts agree that the quality of the pearls of Phu Quoc is among the best on planet

Activities at Phu Quoc island

Rest and swimming obviously

Snorkeling (mask, palm, snorkel): At the edge of the beach, a little more offshore, two, with family, without any special skills except to know how to swim, snorkeling is ideal for a first discovery of aquatic life. You will have the opportunity to see beautiful coral reefs

Diving: For beginners or amateurs, the island is perfect for diving. Its rich fauna and flora make it a destination of choice. There are opportunities to scuba dive.

activities at Phu Quoc island
activities at Phu Quoc island

Squid night fishing: Embark on a boat with local fishermen for a joyous trip out to sea. You will eat, barbecued, your catch of the night. Ambiance guaranteed. Independent fishermen or companies offer a fishing party at sea or you can put yourself in the shoes of Vietnamese fishermen.

The island on a motorcycle: The island really deserves to be known in depth. It is full of treasures such as its small fishing villages, primitive forests, mangroves and cajeputiers, home to a diverse fauna and flora, endowed with precious and rare species, beautiful streams and rivers and picturesque natural beaches. fine sand and clear water. The bike is ideal for exploring the island. You will find it easy to rent one at your hotel. All hotels will offer 125 CC motorcycles for hire for a fee that will not exceed 100 000 Dongs per day (5 euros).

Visit: pearl farms (count 5 to 5 euros the necklace of cultured pearls, sometime 100 euros if the necklace is made of pearls of superior quality)

The dogs of Phu Quoc are brave animals by nature. They are seen wandering around the island. They are not intended for restaurants but are excellent companion. Phu Quoc’s dog impossible to confuse with another breed


There are 2 sites offering beautiful waterfalls deeply hidden in the jungle. The dry season will inevitably disappoint you because the water courts are dry. However, the ride is worth a look. You can go up the stream directly up the bed if the river is dry or you can walk on the small paths built on the sides. Swimming is possible.

How to get there?

Daily flight Ho Chi Minh- Phu Quoc, 4 flights/day, 45 minutes flight or by speedboat – Phu Quoc 2 hours

Detail of transport guide from Ho Chi Minh city: https://www.dalattrip.com/fly/routes-ho-chi-minh-phu-quoc-island/

Detail of transport guide from Ha Noi: https://www.dalattrip.com/fly/routes-hanoi-phu-quoc-island/

How is hosting?

What makes the charm of Phu Quoc is its indolence, its tranquility. The island is not yet ravaged for mass tourism. Also the hotel offering is limited but able to meet all the requirements of comfort.

Phu Quoc - the island of real paradise
Phu Quoc – the island of real paradise

Finally a destination where we really felt free in our travels: no one to tell us that this road does not exist, or make us pay a compulsory passage normally free …. The island deserves to stay a few days: we go from beach to beach, some still wild, and sometimes we improvise a picnic on the sand with the restaurant of the corner (Bai Sao for example). It is absolutely necessary to go to Ong Lang Beach, for the moment occupied by 2 “eco-friendly” springs. The restaurant at Bo Spring is really good, the beach is beautiful, clean water: really nice to spend the day, even if you do not sleep.

The romantic island of Phu Quoc
The romantic island of Phu Quoc

The bike is the easiest way to discover the island: the roads are dirt and really uncrowded. These are small motorcycles, scooter style, really easy to drive. The kids loved it: Yseult in the baby carrier with dad, and the big one with mom! The most reluctant will always find taxis to move.

We must hurry to discover this preserved island before the massive construction of marinas, springs…

By Nam Huong

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