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Nam O beach is still wild - picture Doan Cuong
October 25, 2018

Nam O – the ancient fishing village by Da Nang beach

With many people, Nam O Nam Village (Lien Chieu District, Da Nang city) is only known recently after the controversy surrounding the eco-tourism project. Nevertheless, the village by “the foot of the waves” is an interesting address for travel, enjoy food and learn history. Location of Nam O village It is away from the center...
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July 28, 2018

Quy Nhon Travel Guide

Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh is located at The South Central Coast of Vietnam. It is about 1,065 km from Hanoi and 649 km from Ho Chi Minh City. From two big cities of the country, you can easily go to Quy Nhon to discover the beauty of untouched beaches, which are not crowded of...
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Ha Long Bay Travel Guide from A to Z
June 7, 2018

Ha Long Bay Travel Guide

Ha Long Bay is a famous tourist destination which you should visit once in your life. The majestic landscape is created by the Omnipotent in a very natural way. The green islands and gorgeous caves combined with beautiful beaches and peaceful fishing villages making up perfect scenery, making visitors feel like they are in the...
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Grilled clam with onions and cooking oil
April 28, 2018

Visiting the fresh seafood market in Da Nang

Da Nang is known by many tourist attractions: Lady Buddha, Marble Mountains, Asia Park, Ba Na Hills, beaches…; besides, the abundant and fresh seafood is also the highlight which is attractive visitors. In particular, here you can buy seafood at the market and ask somebody in the local restaurant cook for you; it will be...
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The mini pool is naturally beautiful and unique
April 16, 2018

Ky Co Beach is the beautiful paradise of Quy Nhon

Ky Co beach has just been put into operation in recent years and known as an attractive tourist destination with long sandy beach and beautiful sea water of the central Vietnam. At the moment, you can travel to Ky Co by boat or by land; and you can also combine Ky Co beach with Eo...
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go to Co Thach beach to watch the green moss covered the rocks
February 21, 2018

Drive up and go to Co Thach beach to watch the green moss covered the rocks

Co Thach is a famous beach located in Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province. Long time ago, this place has been known to many tourists as unspoiled beach. In particular, Co Thach beach is made up of colored stones. Therefore, in addition to the name Co Thach, this place is also known as the “rock...
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camp-fire at Binh Tien beach
December 10, 2017

Binh Tien beach, “the hidden jewel” of Ninh Thuan

With the blue sea and the vast white sand which form the charming road being adjacent to Nui Chua National Park, Binh Tien beach gives to visitors a soft and peaceful feeling between the rush life. How to go to Binh Tien beach? Binh Tien beach is 30 km north-west of Phan Rang – Thap...
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Cat Ba islands
December 10, 2017

Travelling to the island of Cat Ba

The island of Cat Ba can be considered as the largest island in the Bay of Long (it is located south of the bay and is 260km²). It is usually left out by 1 or 2 day tours because it is too far from Halong … Cat Ba has more than one trick in his bag!...
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Rai cave in Ninh Thuan
November 23, 2017

Rai cave in Ninh Thuan, the gate to the paradise

Rai cave or Hang Rái is one of the highlights when traveling to Ninh Thuan, Rai cave brings to visitors the perfect feeling to get into the land of fairy tales by almost perfect beauty. The rock formations stacked on top of each other creating countless beautiful small caves. Hang Rai beach hidden in the...
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Diep Son island
November 3, 2017

Diep Son island with the natural walking path in the sea

Visiting Diep Son Island, experiencing the feeling of walking on the path which is below the sea level and enjoy seafood in Van Gia fishing village … will bring you the new and funny feeling. Where is Diep Son Island? Diep Son is a series of 3 small islands located in the waters of Van...
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Phu Quoc island
November 3, 2017

The island of Phu Quoc is real paradise island

  Phu Quoc is the natural island and still preserved concrete that has so disfigured some islands of South East Asia. Located 120km from the city Rach Gia and 50 minutes flights from Ho Chi Minh city, Phu Quoc is in the province of Kien Giang, has a clean and pleasant climate, abundant products, primitive...
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Eo Gio - Ky Co in Quy Nhon
October 8, 2017

Eo Gio is the most majestic beach of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a coastal city with many beautiful beaches and landscapes which are famous in Vietnam. That is a great omission if you come to Quy Nhon without visiting Eo Gio in Nhon Ly, Quy Nhon. In Quy Nhon, local people know that Eo Gio is a good place where still have beautiful, green...
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Boat on Ho Be
September 10, 2015

Ho Be beach in Soc Trang, the pristine place of the southern land

When referring to the South of Vietnam (Nam Bo), people often think of the vast fertile plains, flamingo flocks, the mangrove forests or swampy beaches full of mangrove and melaleuca trees… but there is still a ecotourism destination with area of 20 km long, smooth and white sand, and blue sea: Ho Be tourist site....
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Mui Nai beach
August 6, 2015

The unspoiled beauty of Mui Nai beach in Ha Tien

Mui Nai beach (also known as Loc Tri) is one of 10 beauty spots of Ha Tien which was written the poem “Loc Tri Thon Cu” of poet Mac Thien Tu. Mui Nai beach is not wide, having light waves with dark brown sand. When the wave rises, sweeping in the sand, a black color...
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the peaceful space in Phu Quoc island
June 25, 2015

The pristine beauty of Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc always hide in it a marvelous charm ineffable, deserved “the pearl Island” very unique. Coming to Phu Quoc, you can comfortably enjoy the moments of peace and relax with the sun and wind on the pristine sandy beach by the sea. Let’s listen to the blue sea, white sand and sunshine which will...
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Bang rapids
June 19, 2015

Bang rapids – a new tourist site in Da Nang city

For those who love discovery activities, Da Nang seems to be not new and strange because all landscapes and destinations have already suffused of tourists and services. But, there is one other place; the strange and wild area is in the heart of Da Nang city – a tourism center in the Middle of Vietnam....
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Signature Halong Cruises
May 16, 2015

Memorable experience with Signature Cruise in Halong Bay

Signature Cruise is a new cruise company in Halong bay which has just been put into operation in late 2013. With a simple but luxury style, the cruise will bring you a relaxing trip in the right meaning. Last April, I had the opportunity to experience resting on this cruise in a program of 3...
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footwear for the coastal beach
May 14, 2015

Necessary items for your trip to the beach

In order to prepare for the trip to the beach which will be funny and good for your health, you should equip with knowledge and experiences of travelling to the beach. Therefore, the list of baggage items which should be prepared in advance will help you and your family to save the time, the effort...
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Sunrise at Ha Long Bay
May 13, 2015

Experiences of travelling to Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay is a destination which you should go once in your lifetime. Because natural scenery was naturally created by the God so magnificent. Normally, you will have to spend a big budget for your trip to Halong bay. However, with some backpacker travelling experiences in Halong bay, you can get a trip to...
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Cham island
May 9, 2015

What tourists should know in Cham Island

Cham Island is in Tan Hiep Commune, Hoi An city, Quang Nam Province, 15 km from Cua Dai beach. This island was recognized by UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve of the world in 2009. Tourism of Cham Island has recently attracted many visitors because of beautiful wild beaches, good and stable tourist services. If you are...
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