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August 6, 2015

The unspoiled beauty of Mui Nai beach in Ha Tien

Mui Nai beach (also known as Loc Tri) is one of 10 beauty spots of Ha Tien which was written the poem “Loc Tri Thon Cu” of poet Mac Thien Tu. Mui Nai beach is not wide, having light waves with dark brown sand. When the wave rises, sweeping in the sand, a black color is displayed. According to the locals, this is due to the black sand contains a lot of mud; it is very good for people’s skin.


Mui Nai beach is about 5 km from the center of Ha Tien town, when you come here, there is the space of the most peaceful and clean, the features of the beaches here are brown color sand with white waves, continuously overflowed the seashore from the blue sea.

Mui Nai beach
Mui Nai beach

The legend of Mui Nai beach

In the past, this area was a vast wetlands and clouds. There was a fawn (baby deer) which descended from the god deer used to come here for drinking water. One day, the baby deer was too passionate the beautiful nature of the sea and the sky in Ha Tien, it forget the time of closing the forest gate and could not come back the forest.

Sadly, the baby deer went back to the beach, lounging stroll. But the night sea was not romantic and calm because of in the strong wind season. Wind blew strong, wave was roaring. The little deer felt down into the sea. From that on, people called this area: Mui Nai (mean the baby deer beach). Today, when walking to the top of the opposite side, you will enjoy panoramic beach view. The far mountain still have the shape of the little deer is drinking.

Mui Nai beach in Ha Tien
Mui Nai beach in Ha Tien

Characteristics of beach

The sand in Mui Nai beach is dark brown, when the wave rises up; sweeping in the sand, a black color appears very strange. According to the locals, this is due to the black sand contains a lot of mud. This mud is an excellent skin conditioner. In a day, you cover your body with the sand on the beach, you not only have an extremely tanned skin, but also having mud bath freely, refreshing.

In Mui Nai beach is also very convenient, next to the beach is the small market selling all the fresh seafood such as: fish, squid, shrimp, oysters…. Though, the seafood is not as much as other places but they are affordable and delicious.

Ha Tien are the special offers of nature therefore this area not only has seafood but also having Mui Nai jaggery water which is very typical of the Mekong Delta.

Mui Nai prides itself on security issues. The street vendors, lottery sellers or beggars are not allowed to appear in a beach area. Luggage and personal belongings of tourists are always placed in the state of safety. It is important to help you rest assured when bathing.

Being quiet and natural, this becomes a glamorous characteristic for those who want to come back to nature, to Mui Nai. But if you want to enjoy the romantic feeling of the sea, you should wait until the afternoon. Sitting on the sand, being silent and hear the wind playing in the waves, the seagulls fly in the sky over poetic sea. Then, the sunset comes gradually, being red of the airspace.

Mui Nai beach with dark sand
Mui Nai beach with dark sand

The landscapes surrounding

The first, unique and most obvious point of Mui Nai beach is other popular tourist spots around. As always, after wallowing in cool water and enthusing with sea breeze, those who love moving feel boring.

Because in fact, any beach has also the same thing: sea water, sand and wind. But those who come to Mui Nai beach could freely explore the landscapes surrounding, somewhere.

This side is the Kim Cuong cave (Thach Dong cave) which is magical hidden in the clouds with echoing guitar sound of Thach Sanh. That is Hon Chong – the huge rock, majestic legendary of Hon Phu Tu beating crocodile, being sparkling stalactites system shaped with a lot of shapes. The ancient Cave Temple ring out the bell sound in the wind. Too many fascinating discoveries are waiting for visitors after swimming.

Coming to Mui Nai beach, you can enjoy the beauty of Mui Nai. When the tour is finished, you can go back to Ha Tien in order to visit Phu Quoc by speedboat – a largest island in the South of Vietnam and well known as the tourist heaven of both domestic and foreign tourists.

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