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June 21, 2015

Useful common tips you should know when traveling

Whether you travel alone, with friends or with your family, you can not make sure nothing will happen during the journey. Those things may be pickpockets, injuries, sunburn or illness… These helpful tips when traveling will help you avoid unfortunately mistakes and there are precautions of the unintended incidents in order to have a safe, interesting and comfortable trip.

Useful common tips when traveling
Useful common tips when traveling

Buying gifts for your friends and relatives

When traveling, you should not carry your telephone directory notebook or the book of contact addresses which are very crisscrossed and thick, because they will make your luggage heavier than. Let’s print addresses of your relatives and friends on the piece of decal paper and then paste onto the postcard, you both save your money and do not miss anyone for buying them some gifts.

The good tip for luggage arrangement

You should neatly arrange your personal items in a backpack or your luggage in the most convenient and safe way as possible. You should not put the jewelry and important things in the outside compartment, the side or front of the backpack or suitcase for looking and protecting easily. They are the favorable position for the pickpockets taking your items and you cannot always hold or pay attention to your backpack or luggage.

You should put valuable items as jewelry, money, laptop, cell phone, tablet PC,… and  important documents in between the backpack and put things which seem “sensitive” (eg: underwear) into the bag to distract the pickpockets. Do not find your cell phone in your pocket or briefcase when someone inadvertently reminds you that you are having a phone. Very likely that good person is a “disguised” thief. So, instead of checking the phone immediately, you do not do anything and only secretly check it as soon as possible.

Instead of the bulky cosmetic bag, you should buy small products kit or purchase multifunctional products which are enough for you to use in the time of travelling. A safe place to put your wallet is the front and left pocket, because most people (and pickpockets) are right-handed.

You can “fool” thieves by putting an empty wallet in your back pocket. Do not rush to jostle when you queue up in a crowded pace to get into plane, train or bus … when you hear notice (it is both chaotic and susceptible pickpockets). You need to sit in chairs and awaiting people lined up sequentially. Let’s remember that you have a reservation then, no one can take away your seat and the trip will only start after everything has been fully checked!

You should bring more useful items


Along the way, you may have to wait several days to be wash or bathe or sometimes bathing is not comfortable and convenient as your house. At that time, let’s cut the lemon in a half and put on tap. The scent of lemon also works to detox and relax very well. When the mosquito or insect bite your skin, you rub lemon juice on the bite, it will be less pain and heal.

The bag of personal items

You should buy a small bag to store small personal items or that bag is used frequently.

The latest photos of your children

If your children get lost, the photo will help police find your children easier than you describe in words only, it has not mentioned the difficulties of the foreign language if you’re traveling abroad.

Drinking water

Those long flights can cause your body to lack of water. So, let’s buy a few bottles of water for reserves, because it is not always the staff is ready to serve you anytime and anywhere.

You should remember to bring water for cooling when you play at the amusement park. Here, people also sell water but it is certainly not cheap. When you go to the beach, if you do not like to be constantly running to buy cool water to drink, you can bring the water bottles which had frozen into ice; this is a good way to keep water cool longer.

Deodorant wipes and sunscreen

You should bring disposable cold towels which deodorize effectively to keep the body clean, not “stink” and always feel fresh. Sunscreen helps protect the skin when you travel to sunny areas.

Radio, personal music players, books

Those extra items will help you relax in the migration process and throughout the holiday. Today, the price of a radio, personal music players (such as MP3, MP4) are not too expensive. With personal radios, you can hear any channels and anytime you like without disturbing people around.

First aid kit

During the travelling time, you may be felt down, wounded, headaches or abdominal pain….and you need the first aid kit. A recent French study indicates that people go by car, plane or train longer than five hours will increase the risk of blood vessel blockage up four times. This danger increase particularly when you go by the plane due to do not exercise and dehydration. So you should bring your necessary medications.

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