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October 30, 2018

7 things you should note while staying at the hotel

Do not put valuables around the bed, do not open the door when you do not knows people outside or do not disclose the number of rooms for strangers are important notices that you need to remember to stay safe in the hotel.

Limit using of TV remote control

Many researches have shown that the dirtiest place in the house is the television remote control, the computer keyboard, the phone screen….

If you are in a hotel, you should limit your use of the television remote controls.

On the other hand, you can use the towel to clean TV remote controls before using it, download a TV control application to your phone or, ideally, do not watch TV.

Limit using of TV remote control
Limit using of TV remote control

Do not leave valuables around the bed

No one can guarantee your belongings in hotel are not stolen, whether it is luxury hotel or budget hotel.

One of the common ways that many people do is hiding valuables under the mattress or pillow. This way seems safe, but it is the first place thieves search.

In addition, hidden valuables under the mattress also make you easily forget and leave them at the hotel when you check out.

If you have valuable belongings, send them in the hotel’s safety deposit box, and accepting a small fee to protect the item.

In the case of hotels that do not have the service of safety deposit box, you can camouflage them in some unexpected items to deceive the bad people.

For example, put belongings in a medicine box, in shoes.

However, the best way is doing not to bring valuables to travel.

Hang the card “Do not disturb” outside the door

People tend to sleep late at the hotel. All right, it is the room that you pay for, and you are on vacation.

The problem is that the hotel room only really “belongs to you” when you hang the “Do not disturb” card outside the door.

Otherwise, the housekeeping staffs will still knock the door on schedule to clean up your room. Alternatively, the other tourists can knock on the door asking you for a question.

Therefore, if you do not want your sleep to be interrupted, or a special private time with someone is affected, you should leave the “do not disturb” sign outside the door.

Hang the card Do not disturb outside the door
Hang the card Do not disturb outside the door

Do not reveal your room number to stranger

Do not tell the room number when checking in, when sitting in the restaurant, or tell room number to the friendly strangers that you just met.

That is not a good idea.

If you want to meet up with a new friend, should agree to meet in a public space such as restaurants, cafes. The best is another hotel,which is not the hotel you are staying.

This helps you avoid the bad intentions of strangers.

Do not open the door when you have not know who is outside

The natural reaction of some people is asking: “who is that?” and then open the door immediately when there is a knock.

This is also a thing should not do when staying in the hotel.

You should only open the door when you know who is outside the door, even if you are waiting for someone.

Many cases, people were attacked by the bad people and robbed as soon as the door opened.

Similarly, close the door latch carefully. Do not leave the door open because somebody can visit your and steal your belongings.

Do not open the door when you have not know who is outside
Do not open the door when you have not know who is outside

Check carefully the room for hidden compact cameras

A mini camera is hidden by the bad people in a hotel room is very common.

Compact camera technology makes it easier to hide a camera and make it harder to detect that device.

When you check-in hotel, you should check your room carefully to ensure that there is no bootleg device.

Avoid situations that your sensitive moments are recorded and spread out on internet.

Some places where the bad people used to hide the mini camera are the flower vases, the air conditioners, the corner of lamps, the lights, the power switches, the mirrors, and the corner of the painting or the curtain bar.

Find the emergency exit

Once you check in hotel, you should read the emergency exit instructions posted at the front door of the room. Then look for the nearest exit or staircase.

This is only in case of a fire or accident but it is very important.

Knowing in advance and knowing the emergency exit will increase your chances of surviving in unpredictable situations.

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