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Knowing what to do when the plane falls is very necessary
November 27, 2018

How to survive in the plane crash?

Prepare the worst situation on the plane before taking off: know where you are sitting, how to open the emergency exit, have a safe posture if there is a collision. The possibility of a plane crash is very rare The probability of having a plane crash is very rare, about 1 in 1.2 million flights....
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Survival rate of the seat near the tail of the aircraft in the accident is the highest
November 24, 2018

Tips to get the best seats on the plane

Which seat is the best on the plane? Which seating position is the best on the plane? This forever question has many answers, because the best seat depends entirely on your priorities, in the position of the passenger. According to the Telegraph, based on the different studies, your choices will be divided into the categories...
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Things you should do when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling
November 16, 2018

Things you should do when an earthquake occurs in place you are traveling

No one likes to encounter disasters during their holidays. However, the truth is there are many risks that can happen to you, especially earthquakes – disasters, which geologists cannot predict. Preparation before the trip will help you a lot Before traveling, you should find out your destinations have ever had earthquake before and how much...
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Remember in the hotel everything are dirty
November 6, 2018

12 principles you should note for a safe trip

Safety is the most important factor of your trip. For a safe trip, not be a victim of a theft or incident, you should follow the advice below. Limit use of credit cards Credit card information can easily be stolen when you make a payment using this method when traveling. As a result, many experts...
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Do not open the door when you have not know who is outside
October 30, 2018

7 things you should note while staying at the hotel

Do not put valuables around the bed, do not open the door when you do not knows people outside or do not disclose the number of rooms for strangers are important notices that you need to remember to stay safe in the hotel. Limit using of TV remote control Many researches have shown that the...
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