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The rules of using public toilets around the world while traveling
April 3, 2019

The rules of using public toilets around the world while traveling

You should prepare carefully before traveling abroad, search all necessary information even the rules about toilets. Some of the notes below will help you to be not surprised when meeting sensitive situations. In London, Paris and Amsterdam: You need to pay to go to the toilet In these major cities in Europe, you will have...
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Do not open the door when you have not know who is outside
October 30, 2018

7 things you should note while staying at the hotel

Do not put valuables around the bed, do not open the door when you do not knows people outside or do not disclose the number of rooms for strangers are important notices that you need to remember to stay safe in the hotel. Limit using of TV remote control Many researches have shown that the...
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5-star facilities with preferential rates in off season
June 18, 2015

How to book the good hotel with cheap price

The summer tour always leave fond memories for everyone. So summer is always the peak tourist season in years. And you are not the exception, if you’re eager to prepare yourself and your family and friends memorable tour in this summer. Everything was ready, but you suffer “overload” rooms and rates higher than other seasons. In...
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Fairy space of the hotel room for children
June 4, 2015

Consider the hotel when traveling with the kids

Almost parents had prepared very carefully for the tour, especially the choice of hotel rooms in order to stay during the trip. The parents often take their children to travel together, please note the criteria of the hotels for the kids. What are those criteria? I am pleased to summarize below, for reference of parents to...
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