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April 20, 2015

Accidents often happen to tourists at the beach

Sunburn, seasickness, cramps or bites of jellyfish are incidents which almost tourists are suffered in their vacation at the beach.

In order to have you safe trip, in addition to careful preparation before going, you need to pay attention to the time even when you play on the shore or swim in blue seawater. Problems with almost visitors in their vacation at sea are listed below:


You should check temperatures and sunshine before swimming to avoid sunlight burns skin.

If the sunlight burning, you should rub painkiller cream, aspirin or acetaminophen can be used to relieve pain. For severe burns from sunburn, it should be cooled by water, do not use any creams or oils rubbing on the skin and looking for medical help immediately.


Common symptoms of seasickness is red skin, dry and hot body though it can still sweating, elevated temperature, rapid pulse, weakness. Patients will panting, seizures, nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness and unconsciousness.

Treating method are carrying the victim to airy place, taking some clothes off, using cold towels to decrease quickly the temperature back to 37oC. In addition, you should also pay attention to victim’s breath and looking for medical helps.

Seasickness of tourists
Seasickness of tourists


Similarly seasick, heatstroke occurs when the body temperature higher than normal, perhaps because tourists stay in the sun too long. You need to take off some cloths and cooling victim by fabric packs, wet towels.

In addition, you can use a fan for cooling, monitoring continuously the victim. The best way is calling or asking someone find medical helps to get the right care.


Cramps cut swimming ability or in the worst case can cause drowning. If you are immersed in sea water and see this situation, you need calm to handle.

In case of abdominal muscle cramps, body posture should be relaxed with arms and legs outstretched. Slowly inhale deeply and finger on the graving around, rub gently on cramps part, then ask someone take you to the ashore.

If cramps happen with other parts of the body, you need to find ways to the shore immediately for treatment. If the calf cramps happen, you should try to straighten legs, standing by heels to help muscles relax. Or you lie down, keep straight up and ask someone push the toes toward the opposite knee. Calf cramps is the most common accident at the sea.

Bites of marine animals

Wounds from bites of stingrays, jellyfish, other sea animals causes pain, can lead to serious complications such as paralysis, heart and breathing problems.

First of all, you need to pour sea water into the wound but do not rub. Note, do not use hot water or fresh water. When you remove tentacles or body parts of marine animal you should wear gloves.

The next step is mixed solution of 10 parts of water and one part of ammonia, vinegar, soda or meat tenderizer (glutamate), then applied to the injured area.

If jellyfish bites, put wet towels or ice packs on the wound within the first hour to keep pain reduce. After the wound is dry, you rub anesthetic cream 4 hours per once for several consecutive days. Cases such as allergic to stings, marine animals bite on the face or neck, shortness of breath …, tourists should visit health center to be treated promptly.

jellyfish bite
jellyfish bite

Falling into offshore flow

It is long and narrow flow, from the shore to the sea, also called “Rip”. Visitors can recognize offshore flow by the naked eye.

They are strong currents, flowing seaward from the shore. The wave hit and put water on shore while they continuously flow backwards. Where offshore flows are mostly places of calm water, darker color due to extraordinary depth and almost no waves. During into shore, waves appear discontinuous.

When meeting “Rip” line, victims must be calm, swim parallel to the shore or floating body and called the rescue. Tourists should not swim in places with white foam waves but being interrupted.

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