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October 8, 2017

Eo Gio is the most majestic beach of Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon is a coastal city with many beautiful beaches and landscapes which are famous in Vietnam. That is a great omission if you come to Quy Nhon without visiting Eo Gio in Nhon Ly, Quy Nhon. In Quy Nhon, local people know that Eo Gio is a good place where still have beautiful, green and wild scenery, being suitable for picnic with friends after school days or tired working weeks.

Eo Gio - Ky Co in Quy Nhon
Eo Gio – Ky Co in Quy Nhon

Location of Eo Gio Beach

Eo Gio is located in Hung Luong village, Nhon Ly commune, about 20 km northeast of Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province.

Eo Gio - Quy Nhon
Eo Gio – Quy Nhon

How to go to Eo Gio Beach?

In order to go to Eo Gio Beach, people joyfully cross Thi Nai Bridge. With an impressive length of 2,500 meters, this is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Southeast Asia, the pride of people in this sunny and breezy land.

Standing on Thi Nai Bridge and overlooking to the southwest, Quy Nhon city looks like a colorful Shui painting. On the East Sea, you will see fishing village with many dip nets of the fishermen in Nhon Ly commune. The undulating cliffs, desert sand mixed together with clouds… all make a great feeling which cannot be described.

Eo Gio Ky Co
Eo Gio Ky Co

After crossing Thi Nai bridge, you go to Nhon Hoi crossroad, turn right and direct on the asphalted road about 5 km to center of Nhon Ly commune. Let’s leave your car at the nearby house of local people and walk about 100 m to Eo Gio.

Why local people call this place is “Eo Gio”?

Eo Gio is surrounded by mountains with extremely bow shape. Because of its terrain characteristics look like a saddle, lying between two high mountains beside the sea – so indigenous people have named Eo Gio, meaning “The strait of the wind”.

Eo Gio - Sea and mountain
Eo Gio – Sea and mountain

Eo Gio – The most majestic beach of Quy Nhon city

Eo Gio has unspoiled and majestic beauty which is comparable to other beaches in the Central of Vietnam. It is like a miracle between rocky mountains, which you have to discover to get it. When you get there, you will suprise with the extremely blue water, the rocky cliffs with strange shapes embrace the whole sea, and the feeling of lying on the rocks to listen to the sea breeze blowing in the ear, the peaceful feeling cannot be described.

Eo Gio tourist place
Eo Gio tourist place

The way to Eo Gio is the path which is still wild and not much impact from human hands. To get to the top of the mountain, visitor must follow the rocky and undulating paths that are quite difficult. Many distance travelers must go step by step. But, to make up for the hardships is a great feeling, nothing to describe. In front of your eye is the vast sky with beautiful curves of Eo Gio. The wind blow to the face and you can smell the salty taste of the sea.

Eo Gio - sea and rock
Eo Gio – sea and rock

From above, you can see Hung Luong village located at the foot of the mountain, which is very peaceful with small boats on the sea. And you can see the small coral reefs in the blue sea. Getting closer, you also have the opportunity to watch colorful fishes swimming in the water. A distance from the bank is a small island with clusters of undulating rock.

Eo Gio - the miracle place
Eo Gio – the miracle place

The melodious sound come from the cliff, the sound of the sea gently fluttered to the foot of the mountain, flickering sound of some canaries echo from caves. Deep in the canyon is the murmuring of the small stream … All make up a unique symphony.

Along the coast have a lot of small stones that are smoothly grinded by sea waves called “Da De” area. Fishermen call that name, because there are more and more rocks appearing in this area.

Eo Gio landscape
Eo Gio landscape

On the cliff, there are many strange caves like Ky Co cave, Ba Nghen cave … attract many swiftlet come to live and make their nest. Around the strait is a green pasture, you will occasionally see goats eating grasses, or some couples are take pre-wedding photography. Next is the Stone beach with a lot of stones like eggs in all sizes and colors, creating a beautiful picture.

As this is a fishing village, not a famous tourist destination so the atmosphere is extremely peaceful, the people are very hospitable. Let’s try to come here once in this summer to see how beautiful Vietnam is, and discover by your own the masterpieces of nature.

on the way to Eo Gio
on the way to Eo Gio

Discovering Eo Gio is suitable for those who go alone or take a group. If you are alone, you can drop a glimpse of blue sea and choose a large rock to enjoy the sky and hear the powerful waves in the sea. If you have a group, you can choose the good area with large green grassland at the beach to make a small picnic with self-prepared food.

Some beautiful places which are near Eo Gio

Ky Co beach: From Eo Gio, you only take 30 – 40 minutes to go to Ky Co beach by boat or canoe. In Ky Co beach, you will be “stunned” for the wild and beauty in this place. If you have ever been wonder with Palawan beach in the Philippines, then surely Ky Co beach will make you ecstatic one more time. Blue sea water with jade color rock which round up to create a lot of “small swimming pool”. In Ky Co, tourism is starting to develop, so if you require luxury services or great amenities, this place will certainly not meet your require. But in return, you will have the experience of wild life, get into the rhythm of the local people life, eat fresh seafood, and watch the pristine beauty of the sea which still not affected by humans. And that is the wonderful experience that any young person should spend once in a lifetime.

Fishing village: Near the sea is fishing village, you can go there to talk with the local people, eat seafood, and  take fresh water bath … Or you can visit the Buddhist temple with the statue of Guan Yin overlooking to the sea.

Mong island: The local people here said that Mong island look like the big crocodile stretches out to the sea, somebody also said that it look like the big buffalo is bathing.

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