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April 4, 2018

Guest queue for hours to eat famous khot cakes in Vung Tau

Khot cakes eatery: “Goc Vu Sua” is the famous culinary address on Nguyen Truong To Street, Ward 2, Vung Tau City. In the beginning of the year, the restaurant often get into the state of the overloaded service when large numbers of visitors come to this city for their new year vacation. Many people accepted to wait in the hot sunlight to be served Khot cakes here.

Guests are willing to wait for Khot cakes

Ms. Thanh Hoa (a tourist from Dong Nai province) said that: she had to wait more than half an hour to be arranged in the eatery. After having a table, she has to wait a long time to have some Khot cakes.

From the introduction of friends, Thanh Nhan (a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City) knows this address. She took her group to Goc Vu Sua eatery to try Khot cakes on the weekend. And all of them had to wait with dozens of people who were waiting in front of the door under the hot sun.

Currently living in Vung Tau, Mr. Dat is a patron of the restaurant in many years said: “weekdays, the eatery is not too crowded; guests are crowded only on the weekend. The state of “no seats” and guests have to wait long, even more than one hour to eat the cake is often happen on special occasions.

This address only serves Khot cake with shrimp. Although this place is not much different in terms of processing compared to the surrounding restaurant, but “Goc Vu Sua” attracts guests by the way of mixing rice flour which is nowhere can copy. Cake is poured directly on the cast iron oven and brought to eaters to keep the brittle and hot. Shrimp is very sweet.

Line of people waiting outside to be arranged table
Line of people waiting outside to be arranged table

This dish is also served with raw vegetables such as mustard greens, lettuce, houttuynia cordata, perilla, pickles from papaya and a bowl of sweet and sour fish sauce. Chili pepper is available for guests to add in fish sauce according to their tastes.

On TripAdvisor, Goc Vu Sua eatery received many compliments from foreign visitors. Aerofaze from Colorado commented: “I do not care how they process. The vegetables are very clean and fresh, cakes are crispy and fragrant. I had a great meal”.

Matt K from Switzerland said that: “You would not really come to Vung Tau if you missed this attractive dish. The eatery is crowded and hot, but it’s worth the wait”.

What are Khot cakes?

Khot cakes (Banh khot, Vietnamese mini savory pancakes) are special cakes of southern Vietnam from rice powder, shrimp and onions. This is a combination made of mostly rice flour, with a little bit of turmeric to give them a beautiful yellow color, and mixed together with coconut juice to make it extra creamy and nutritious. Grilled on top of rice pancake is a hefty helping of onions, prawn, and some pork.

Dozens of people always hand over the cake on a large wood-fired stove and still do not serve the guests
Dozens of people always hand over the cake on a large wood-fired stove and still do not serve the guests

This cake is served with raw vegetables, fresh chilies and shrimp sauce. Sauce prepared from fish sauce, shrimp and tomato, a little extra lemon, green papaya sliced thin. Despite the simple processing, Khot cakes have become famous throughout the southern provinces of Vietnam.

How to make Khot cakes?

In making Khot cakes, making flour is the most important step. Choose good rice to make the cake. The flour mixture consists of wet rice flour; cooked rice and vermicelli are cooled and grinded to thick flour. Powders are mixed together at a certain rate that much depends on experience. Or you can buy the flour of Khot cake in the grocery store.

Stuffing of Khot cake is usually fresh, medium size and peeled shrimp. Selecting shrimps and skill of peeling shrimps to keep the color of shrimp is also important.

Fat in cooking is a type of lard and chives for scent, but note that leaves of green onion and chives are not too burnt.

A dish of the Khot cakes is 45,000 VND
A dish of the Khot cakes is 45,000 VND

Put the pan cake in the pan, take hot lard to coat the cake pan, pour the flour into the pan cake, press the shrimp in the middle, cover the pan and wait for the cake done. When the cake is cooked, the powder turns yellow, and the shrimp becomes red. Leaves of green onion and chives in lard stick to the cake create green color.

Sauce (fish sauce) is made from fish sauce mixed with warm water, garlic and lemon juice. Khot cakes (white color) in Vung Tau are accompanied by green sliced papaya or soaked lotus root. Raw vegetables are served with the cake.

Benefits of Khot cakes with health

According to some experts, as well as many other southern dishes such as Tam Bi cake, pancakes, rice, sticky rice sweet soup, It cake, sticky rice cake … use coconut milk. This is a vegetable fat with very high fat that can increase the risk of obesity, dyslipidemia, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes…. Using too much coconut milk is not beneficial for health.

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