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October 30, 2018

How to sleep comfortably in plane with economy class cabin

You should use a blanket or pillow to sleep comfortably and avoid cold because the body temperature decreases when you sleep. With business or first class seats, you can easily get a good rest and sleep, because the upper cabin is usually quiet and spacious. However, if you sit in economy class cabin – there is always noise and seats are tight, you can note the following tips for good sleep on the plane.

Economy class seat often has small space
Economy class seat often has small space

Sleep after the flight attendant serves food

It is hard to sleep when food carts move on the aisle with the laughter of the passenger and the flight attendant’s invitation. Wait for them to finish the meal and take a nap, especially when your ticket includes a free meal; do not let yourself wake up because of the empty stomach.

Isolate from noise

You can wear your headphones to fall asleep easily and avoid noise from the outside. Listening to a gentle song, sound from the ocean or non-verbal music is the best choices. Headphones can also help you avoid an unwanted conversation from strangers sitting around.

Use blindfold to keep your eyes from the light

While you are sleeping, it is possible for people sitting beside you want to read or work, they will turn on the lights or use computers, phones, so blindfold keep your eyes from the sudden light affect to your sleep.

Keep your body warm

You should use blankets and pillow to sleep to help your body comfortable and avoid cold because of hypothermia when sleeping.

Choose the right seat

A seat next to the window is the right choice, because you can lean to the wall of plane cabin to sleep instead of leaning over to another person’s seat. In addition, if you are tall, you should choose a row of seats next to the exit door for a big space to put your leg.

Ideal seating posture and sleep

Do not cross your legs when sleeping, this advice is true even in many daily works; because this posture makes blood in your body cannot flow properly.

Do not leave the luggage in front of your seat; it will reduce the space of your feet, making you feel tired and uncomfortable.

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