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Jun village in Central Highland of Vietnam

In the famous landscape of Buon Ma Thuot, Jun village – Lak Lake is one of tourist attractions which attract many tourists. Jun village is next with Lak Lake, Jun village and M’lieng village are typical villages of M’nong people.

Coming to Jun village in the summer, tourists and their family will be rode elephant with mountain views, villages, immense lakes and waves…

Location of Jun village

Jun village is located in Lien Son town – Lak District – it is about 60 km from Buon Ma Thuot in the direction of the Highway 27 connects with Dalat – City of Eternal Spring and Tourism of the Highlands.

Jun village - Dak Lak
Jun village – Dak Lak

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can choose the way of the National Highway 14, or by airway, or taking part in the tour to Buon Ma Thuot city. Then, let’s go along the direction of Lak district (60 km from Buon Ma Thuot city), tourists will see Jun village beside the mountains of Highlands and poetic blue Lak lake. You will start a journey full of fun on the land of characteristic cultural traditions of minority ethnic.


Located beside blue and romantic Lake Lak, Jun village brings a peaceful and pristine beauty of Highland village; it always keeps its traditional identities which were preserved through many generations.

Coming to Jun village, you can see stilt houses with the traditional architectural style of the indigenous people nestled under the shade of green trees, watching girls of the village are working hard beside brocade looms… you’ll just imagine you were back in time and return to the peaceful poetic and legend scene which had mark in the early ancient epics.

Jun village
Jun village

Although undergone many changes of history, Jun village still maintain and promote the beauty of traditional culture, the ancient traditions that our ancestors left behind. Lifestyle and activities of M’nong people in Jun village bring a distinctive characteristic that has been shaped by hundreds of years ago.

In Jun village, tourists can do elephant riding to see mountain views, villages, and immense lakes with crunch waves. If once staying in Jun village, what’s more fun when tourists can sit beside the doorway of stilt house, watching the beautiful moonlit night as the fairy, wind blow from Lak Lake to bring the cold feeling for the skin. Gather together all beside the jars of Can wine, visitors can listen to Tribal Chief telling legends and myths of this land in the wild period. The ecstatic and elated feeling by Can wine will bring tourists to the gently sleep.

Another interesting thing when coming to this place is tourists can do boating on Lak Lake. They can enjoy Lam rice (rice is cooked in bamboo tree) and the specialties of Lak lake as: fishes, eels, snails and many popular dishes with the flavor of countryside in Highland.

Buon Jun - Ho Lak
Buon Jun – Ho Lak

If visiting Jun village in festive season, tourists will be immersed in the funny and exciting atmosphere by sound of gongs, lyrics and dances which are traditional, lyrical and romantic.

Jun village is an impressive attraction for those who want to learn and explore cultural beauty of traditional village in Highland. Let’s go to Jun village once because this village has many interesting things await…

Elephant riding in Jun village

Like other villages in the Central Highlands, from ancient times, Jun village also has team of hunting and taming elephants. Elephants always be respected, people has always considered elephant is a member of the family. Elephants are also named as the name of the person in the family. Female elephant has family name is Ho and male elephant has family name is Y.

Jun village - Lak Lake
Jun village – Lak Lake

Here, mahout art is passed on from father to son. The children were familiar with elephants since they were childhood. Every day, with their father and older brother, they also go with elephants to work and take elephant to the forest for eating grasses…

When people want their elephants have baby elephants, they organize the wedding for elephants like people. They also have the female elephant family and male elephant family. There were also party, dance and singing like in a normal wedding.

Elephant riding at Jun village
Elephant riding at Jun village

When elephants die, they are buried as people. Behind Jun village, there is a grave of a dead elephant which died few years ago.

Elephants in Jun village are mainly used to serve tourists. Tourists visit Lak Lake – Jun village often use the program of elephant riding to visit around the village, crossing the lake and from the other side of the lake, they can take one piece timber boat which is featured boat of M’nong and turn back to starting place.

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