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Each ethnic group living here has the beliefs of agriculture, ritual for worship, praying for good crop, praying for rain, for new rice, all are variety, containing cultural treasures of each ethnic group.
October 25, 2018

The most beautiful rice terraces of Vietnam in Hoang Su Phi

Since the end of September, terraced rice fields in Hoang Su Phi have been covered with yellow color in a vast hilly area. This is the time of ripe rice, viewed from above; the rice fields undulating between the rustic houses look beautiful and majestic.
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Nam O beach is still wild - picture Doan Cuong
October 25, 2018

Nam O – the ancient fishing village by Da Nang beach

With many people, Nam O Nam Village (Lien Chieu District, Da Nang city) is only known recently after the controversy surrounding the eco-tourism project. Nevertheless, the village by “the foot of the waves” is an interesting address for travel, enjoy food and learn history. Location of Nam O village It is away from the center...
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Mats have many different types and sizes
October 1, 2018

The mat weaving village more than a century in Dong Thap

Mat weaving handicraft in Dinh Yen commune, Lap Vo district, DongThap province is recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage in 2013. At that time, the commune had more than 3,000 households involved in handmade weaving. Situated near the Hau River, this land has many small islands on the river; mudflats to grow well the...
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Pha Luong Mountain Peak
October 1, 2018

Travel to Son La to visit Van Ho – a ‘beautiful girl’ in the Northwest Vietnam

Referring to Son La, people often think of Moc Chau with green tea hills. Along with Moc Chau, Van Ho is well known for beautiful villages filled in the color of flowers. 1. Chieng Yen Ecotourism Area Chieng Yen is a commune of Van Ho district; about 60 km from Moc Chau town, where having...
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Interesting secrets about two ancient wells over 1,200 years old in Hung Yen
September 30, 2018

Interesting secrets about two ancient wells over 1,200 years old in Hung Yen

The story of two ancient wells that existed for thousands of years in Tam Ky village, NghiaTru commune, Van Giang district, Hung Yen province, made people curious. In the last days of July 2018, we had a chance to visit Tam Ky village to see firsthand these two ancient wells. Two wells dating back more...
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Travel to Hoa Binh
November 12, 2017

What you need to know about Hoa Binh Tourism

Located not far from Hanoi, Hoa Binh travel will be a gentle experience and no less attractive for you during the weekend. If you do not have experience in Hoa Binh tourism, let Dalat Trip share the most important and useful information for your trip. Hoa Binh Location Hoa Binh is a mountainous province in...
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Rong house
September 28, 2015

Rong house – soul of ethnic villages in Central Highlands

Rong house is a typical stilts, this is the community house, like the community house of Kinh people, used as a place to meeting, exchange and discussion of the villagers in the villages in the Central Highlands, or also where welcome guest (according to Ba Na custom), despite the guest of family’s or village. Rong...
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community activities
July 30, 2015

Kon K’tu village – the oldest cultural village of Ba Na People

Location of Kon K’tu village or Ba Na village Kon K’tu village or Ba Na village is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam – province of Kon Tum. It is peaceful and friendly village located in Dak Rowa commune, Kon Tum city. People called Ba Na village because Ba Na people live crowded here. The...
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Jun village - Dak Lak
July 23, 2015

Jun village in Central Highland of Vietnam

In the famous landscape of Buon Ma Thuot, Jun village – Lak Lake is one of tourist attractions which attract many tourists. Jun village is next with Lak Lake, Jun village and M’lieng village are typical villages of M’nong people. Coming to Jun village in the summer, tourists and their family will be rode elephant...
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Elephant riding trip through serepok river
July 14, 2015

Ban Don village of native culture in Central Highland of Vietnam

Ban Don is a famous landmark of Vietnam, It is also known by many people in the world as a place with a tradition of hunting and taming wild elephants. Ban Don previously served as the provincial capital of Dak Lak province. The latter period, in order to facilitate the social and economic development of...
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Watering vegetables - Photo by Caitlyn - Hendrik
July 12, 2015

Interesting experiences with traditional villages in Hoi An

Traveling in Hoi An, visitors will not just wander in the ancient town, but also experience and learn something interesting novelties such as learning vegetable growing, pottery, learning fishing or floating on Hoai River, coral diving! Become farmers in Tra Que vegetable village Tra Que Vegetable Village is a traditional vegetable growing village famous for...
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Tropical fruit gardens
July 11, 2015

The idyllic beauty of My Khanh Tourist Village in Can Tho

When tourists visit Can Tho city, they should visit Cai Rang floating market or Phong Dien. Market is still … well like that, like a hundred years ago, like every day. Busy and crowded with a lot of boats. It is noisy with buyers and sellers, making such the wave rise up on the river....
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