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Majestic Dray Nur waterfall in Dak Lak

Dray Nur waterfall is the midstream waterfall in the system of 3 beautiful waterfalls: Gia Long – Dray Nur – Dray Sap of Srepok River, Dak Nong province. Dray Nur waterfall mean female waterfall. So, people also call this waterfall colloquially is wife waterfall. This waterfall is also called upstream Dray Nur waterfall as Gia Long waterfall, the part of downstream Dray Nur waterfall located in Dak Nong province.

Dray Nur waterfall
Dray Nur waterfall

Location of Dray Nur waterfall

Dray Nur waterfall, also spelled Draynur waterfall is about 25 km from Buon Ma Thuot city following National Highway 14, through Buon Kop hydroelectric plant almost 3 km and it is a majestic waterfall that nature has bestowed on Dak Lak.

Dray Nur waterfall is located next to Dray Sap waterfall of Dak Nong province and being separated with Dray Sap waterfall by a suspension bridge crossing Srepok river. Both are beautiful and majestic waterfalls. Dray Nur waterfall is little known because of mistaken it is in Dray Sap waterfall system but actually coming here Serepok River split into two branches and reenter at the bottom with a distance is not far away.

Dray Nur waterfall in dry season
Dray Nur waterfall in dry season


It is a combination of two rivers, Krong Ana River (the female river) and Krong No River (the male river), two rivers merges closely together forming myth Srepok River in Central Highland. Coming to Dray Nur waterfall, the first sense come to you is a majestic waterfall which is over 250 m in length, 30 m in height and spanning 150 meters. White foam fly up, water steam is full everywhere made up the poetic scene around.

But the most attractive is not admiring the waterfall but is exploring and looking strong feeling in the cave nearly 3,000 m2 behind waterfall. Looking at powerful water curtain, rushing down from above part, many people shudder. But for those who love thrills, they may undergo sense of adventure when they cross through the water curtain, feeling the intense irritation of the water drop on their head and shoulders.

The feeling of thing goes from a place flooded with light to the dark of the cave. The safety of crossing through the water curtain is guaranteed highly with a life jacket for tourist to wear and professional rescue workers are arranged nearby. In addition, the waterfall is also special because behind the water curtain pour down having a large cave. So people can go into the interior of the falling water curtain from one side to the other without getting wet their cloth. When standing from inside the cave and overlooking the long water wall surrounded the front, dim light enlightens stones with bizarre shapes.

Dray Nur falls - dry season
Dray Nur falls – dry season

Legends of Dray Nur waterfall

Unlike other waterfalls in this plateau, Dray Nur waterfall has two different legends, with two different interpretations of the name. With explanation Dray Nur – meaning female waterfall or wife waterfall – the waterfall associated with the love, “Romeo and Juliet” of the forest and mountain.

The story goes that there was a couple (strong boy and beautiful girl) of two different villages loved each other but due to both of villages being in conflict, villager tried to find every way prohibiting that couple. The couple did not get sympathy of the villagers; the conflict between two villages was irreconcilable, on a moonlit night, both of them jumped into the river for staying together forever. The God was angered with the selfishness of villager leads to bad decisions of both young, the sky was stormy, water rose billowing, and the river was divided into two branches, separated from the way of two villages.

tourists with Dray Nur waterfall
tourists with Dray Nur waterfall

Another legend derives from the cave behind the waterfall, which is said to be the abode of King Shui Qi. In the past, King Qi Shui had a son named Nur, a prince was handsome and would love to travel for sightseeing. One day, he met two princesses, daughters of the king of the land which he passed. Two princesses were very beautiful but her father died when he was so young, their life became so poor, they had to dig and eat cassava. He loved two princesses because of their hard work, he followed them to their home, he made magic indoor jars filled with rice, and lived happily with two princesses. Long time later, he remembered his father and wanted to come back the aquarium. But princesses, his wives were worry if he go back, it would be very long, or even not return with them, so they should find every way to keep him, they did not leave him a step. There was no other way, he had transformed into a yellow fish, exceeding water curtain to visit his father. The wife stood outside for waiting, waiting forever, forever but they did not see Nur come back. Since then, people here called Dray Nur waterfall, meaning the yellow fish.

Two different legends, but the water line pours from the vertical cliff, broke out every drop, splashed each other, pushing each other is the same at a point, it’s like tears crying for a person did not come back.

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