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Memorable experience with Signature Cruise in Halong Bay

Signature Cruise is a new cruise company in Halong bay which has just been put into operation in late 2013. With a simple but luxury style, the cruise will bring you a relaxing trip in the right meaning. Last April, I had the opportunity to experience resting on this cruise in a program of 3 days and 2 nights, a memorable trip with many memories.

Experience of Signature Cruise was very interesting with many good activities as well as attentive and enthusiastic style of service. In according to many people’s reviews, the cruise has been commended by a lot of visitors, it is worth to spend your money for experience with Signature Cruise in Halong bay. Especially this cruise is suitable for couples in their honey moon trip or families in their relaxing vacation.

Signature Halong Cruises
Signature Halong Cruises

Rooms of the cruise

A special vacation with 5 star standard, the room is a very important thing, because in addition to the time for visiting, the time of resting on the cruise is extremely important. Signature Cruise has many kind of room with different size: big, small and medium. Depending on the price that you are arranged in kinds of room: room with balcony, double room, twin or triple room. Especially, it has connecting room (2 interconnecting rooms) plus 1 large private balcony at the end of the cruise, this room is suitable with the family or intimate groups.

Receptionist of Signature Halong Cruises
Receptionist of Signature Halong Cruises

The common feature of the room is clean, moderate area (not too small or too large), some of the other cruises have narrow room because they want to save space as much as possible for more rooms. Furniture layout is quite convenient and comfortable for tourists. Items are available such as: water bottles, fruit, small fridge with available beverages, televisions, etc. Generally, you do not have to prepare your hygiene items, because the room has everything. Lock of the room is used by magnetic card, it is quite convenient because you just lightly swipe your card to open the door.

The twined bed room of Signature Halong Cruises
The twined bed room of Signature Halong Cruises

In the room with balcony, you will have more private time, couples who is in their honeymoon vacations will love this kind of room because they do not have to share personal space with others. Balcony room rates will be higher than regular room.

Toilet area is quite clean, the floor was spread one layer of wood against moisture. Especially, I like Jacuzzi bathtub, you will spend a lot of time for it at the end of the day. The large room will have views from the bathroom, how do you feel if you do both relaxing with Jacuzzi and enjoying Halong Bay nature. Hygiene items in toilet are quite adequate such as: toothbrushes, wash cloths, comb, hair beam plastic bags, and hair dryer… being placed in the bathroom. If you are a man, you should bring razors because the cruise does not have razors.

Cruises's Breakfasts
Cruises’s Breakfasts

With the feature of sleeping on the yacht, Signature is also fully equipped with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, life buoys, emergency hammer. Wardrobe has 1 safe deposit box for you to store valuable items safely.

The double bed room of Signature Halong Cruises
The double bed room of Signature Halong Cruises

A small limitation of the cruise is Wi-Fi, this is a common problem when you travel to Halong bay, because you are on the ocean, mobile phone radiation cannot cover everywhere. The yacht tries stopping in the place where strong mobile phone radiation has but internet quality is still not good. If your purpose is going on a vacation, so this is not too important problem.

General assessments of the room on this cruise are new, clean, convenient layout, enough facilities, pleasant and comfortable when staying in the room.

Food and restaurant

First of all, I should tell about the food, food is very diverse and rich with many different menus, every meal you are served with one individual set menu. The dish has a blend of east and west cuisine style, whether you are an Asian or European, you still feel delicious. I feel the quantity is sufficient, because dishes are calculated to provide adequate vitamins and calories for you. However, on the second day lunch (if you take 3 day program), the food will be slightly less than, because food is switched to smaller vessels. Besides, the food in this meal is not much fresh, but if you take part in activities in the morning, you still feel delicious in your lunch. There are one simple breakfast with bread, butter, milk and drinks; another one is more delicious with buffet. Also, if you are a vegetarian, this restaurant will cook as your appropriate dietary.

Cruises's Restaurant
Cruises’s Restaurant


General assessment of the staff is good, they smile and talk to you when they see you, this is really something that visitors always feel like being interested. Especially when you have just been off the car, the staff will say hello, stick luggage stickers, they will check the information and guiding you sit in the waiting room of the port. Everything:  moving, eating, sleeping and resting are enthusiastically guided.

A staff of Signature Halong Cruises
A staff of Signature Halong Cruises

Tour guides on board will not contact much with you, they only direct you to visit the cave and kayaking, but indeed tour guide is quite nice and having a good knowledge of Halong. I went with a tour guide who is called Mr Duc, he told about the characteristic of Halong Bay such as: formation, culture, and local people living on the Gulf etc. Though I also worked as a tour guide but this knowledge is sometimes also new to me.


Typically, moving expenses will be calculated separately, if the travel agent offer a tour for you, moving expenses will be included in the tour price. Normally, they use the 16-seat van, with a maximum of 10 passengers / car. The van can pick you up at the hotel in the old quarter. If you wish to book a private car, the cruise company can offer but the cost of the car will also be added. Most cars are new, new furniture and clean van. If you go in big group, you should rent a private car for moving, you book the tour only. Also, when you go to lounge, you will have to wait about 15 minutes – 20 minutes before boarding the cruise. This is the time staff waiting for enough tourists, and then the manager will lead you on the yacht. Generally, moving problems are good.

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