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November 24, 2018

Tips to get the best seats on the plane

Which seat is the best on the plane?

Which seating position is the best on the plane? This forever question has many answers, because the best seat depends entirely on your priorities, in the position of the passenger.

According to the Telegraph, based on the different studies, your choices will be divided into the categories below.

If safety is a top priority

Airlines as well as aircraft manufacturers say all positions are equally safe. However, Popular Mechanics believes that some seats will be safer.

A study conducted in 2007 showed statistically significant results, in which passengers sitting near the rear of the aircraft had a 40% higher survival rate than the front row seats in accident. Sitting as close to the aircraft tail as possible if safety is your priority.

Survival rate of the seat near the tail of the aircraft in the accident is the highest
Survival rate of the seat near the tail of the aircraft in the accident is the highest

If you want to get off the plane fast

Let’s say you are on vacation from one city to another city in Europe. You travel with lightweight luggage, only portable suitcase. You want to maximize your sightseeing time at your destination, and want to get off the plane as soon as possible.

You need to have seats in the front row of your left hand side. That is where the door of the aircraft is opened.

If you want to sleep

It is not easy to have a nap at 10,000 m altitude, where everything stops your sleep: the engine sounds, the passenger beside you stand up to go to the toilet, the uneasy seat to sleep.

However, some places will be more pleasant for a sleep. The window seat gives you the control of the shade on the window, and you have a headrest. You do not have to wake up every time the sideman needs to move. Choose a window seat, in the front row; you will have a quiet seat.

If you want to have comfortable seat for eating

According to Charles Spence professor, author of Gastrophysics: The New Science of Eating, food on the plane will be felt more palatable if used on the front row seats, where space is quite and the air is moist.

He explained: “The cabin air is dry and the noise of the engine will impacts to people, reducing the ability to taste and smell food and drink”. Therefore, you should sit as close to the front seat as possible. In addition, you will have more opportunities to serve meals beforehand.

If you do not like the feeling of shaking

Of course, the collision between the air and plane will affect the entire aircraft. However, experts say that some sitting positions will be less jittery.

If you need more space to rest your legs

The seats at the doors and the seats next to the bulkheads have the most available space. However, these positions are also in high demand, and are accompanied by prior recommendations. For example, guests at front door will be required for willing to support emergency evacuation. Some airlines increase the price of seats with comfort leg rest.

The seats next to the bulkheads will have more space to rest your legs
The seats next to the bulkheads will have more space to rest your legs

It is advisable for you to choose the seats next to the bulkheads walls, ideally seat in the middle of plane. As such, other guests will not step on your foot as they go to the toilet. If that seat is not available, you can change to choose a seat next to the aisle.

If you accompany by children

Taking a plane with children, especially young babies, it will be more unpredictable. Whether your baby is crying, too excited, or sleepy, and you need to take your baby to the toilet a dozen times. Four scenarios can occur if it is a long flight.

In this case, you should choose a seat near the bulkheads, more spacious and close to the toilet.

If you want to increase seat space

Airplanes usually take off with a few empty seats. You should learn tips to increase your ability to sit next to one of these seats. You can ask staff at the check-in counter to know is there any empty seat. If not, you should politely ask the staff to choose the seat next to the empty seat.

This secret is often successful. If you check-in with a computer, you should wait for the last check-in. Please select the seats manually before printing the boarding pass. However, the last check-in will lead to the risk of being late at the security door, and even miss the trip.

If there is a companion, you should choose a seat by the walkway and a window seat. The alone passenger will not love sitting between. Therefore, the seat can be left empty when you board the plane.

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