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spiritual tourism
Huong pagoda festival 1
May 25, 2015

Experiences of traveling to Huong Pagoda & Huong Tich cave

Huong Pagoda is a famous landmark in the North of Vietnam. This is a complex area of pagodas scattered from the foothills to the Peak of Huong Tich Mountain. People often go to Huong Pagoda on Huong Pagoda festival from January until March in lunar calendar. But you can travel to Huong Pagoda all year...
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sunset at Yen Tu peak
May 24, 2015

Experiences of traveling to Yen Tu mountain for spiritual tourism

Yen Tu is a famous landmark in Quang Ninh, where is attached to the Vietnam Buddhist religion, when Tran Nhan Tong Buddha (he is also a king of Vietnam) renounced the throne for going on Yen Tu Mountain to practice Buddhism. He founded the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen Sect. Today, when people talk about...
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