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September 10, 2015

Ho Be beach in Soc Trang, the pristine place of the southern land

When referring to the South of Vietnam (Nam Bo), people often think of the vast fertile plains, flamingo flocks, the mangrove forests or swampy beaches full of mangrove and melaleuca trees… but there is still a ecotourism destination with area of 20 km long, smooth and white sand, and blue sea: Ho Be tourist site.

Location of Ho Be beach

Ho Be beach is located in Vinh Hai commune, Vinh Chau district, Soc Trang province.

From the city center of Soc Trang to Ho Be beach, visitors can go along 3 ways below:

From the city of Soc Trang, tourist can go along provincial highway 8 to Tai Van fork (My Xuyen district) going to the town of Vinh Chau and then Vinh Hai. This road is about 55 km long.

From Soc Trang city, tourists go along provincial highway 8 to Tai Van fork (My Xuyen district) and going to Vinh Chau; at Khanh Hoa T-junction, turn left to Khanh Hoa Dong commune, to Vinh Hai. The road is about 50 km long. However, the way of Khanh Hoa – Hoa Dong Road is more difficult than the way of Vinh Chau – Vinh Hai.

From Soc Trang city, tourists go along provincial highway 8 to Lich Hoi Thuong commune (Long Phu District), along the national defense dike, cross My Thanh 2 Bridge to Vinh Hai. The road is shorter, about 45 km.

Ho Be beach
Ho Be beach

The beauty of Ho Be beach

With white sand beaches which are nearly 20 km long, the green mangroves challenges with the sun and the sea breeze, the citizens are honest and hospitable; all have created a Ho Be which is not only pristine but also very attractive to those who want to return to nature. The wild and fascinating of Ho Be has been awakened each day by the Project of Planning and Development Ho Be Ecotourism area.

Ho Be landmark was formed from the process of sea erosion. The accretion and erosion of the sea created concave area like a large lake, so the locals called Ho Be (Sea Lake). At high tide, sea water covers inland area and brings white sand from the sea to the beach; until the sea water receded, it generously leaves at Ho Be a white sand beach stretching nearly 20 km. These are unique features of Ho Be; they are suitable for the construction of the beach (because during the 72 km coastline of the province mostly is muddy).

Ho Be is a potential tourist site with 5 km coastline of white sand stretching, cool ocean, the local people are gentle and friendly will bring to tourists an ideal trip to escape the hot weather in the summer.

Ho Be beach area
Ho Be beach area

Ecotourism activities

It is not far from Ho Be is Ho Lang, Island No.15 is the natural breeding place of clams bringing to tourists the surprise.

Ho Be area is a refuge and reproduction of many aquatic species with high value. For a long time, this region has shaped areas of sea crab, clams, and cockles for breeding… bringing considerable income to the local people. This will be one of the attractive outdoor activities for tourists when coming here.

The abundance of fishery resources here has always been associated with planting and protecting coastal protection forest. Tourists will enjoy more than when being away in the lush green forests, it is a delight to breathe fresh air source and catching a crab, clams, cockles which are small and lovely.

Boat on Ho Be
Boat on Ho Be

Historical values of Ho Be beach

Travelling to this place, visitors can learn the legend of the Whale, about My Thanh princess (The daughter of Nguyen Anh, Gia Long king later), visiting Vinh Chau longan garden, Trong Ray village with specialties of Chinese, visiting Khmer pagodas, temples of the Vietnamese and Chinese to learn the spiritual life of ethnic groups who stood together during the periods of protection and construction of the motherland.

Especially, Vinh Hai also attracts tourists wishing to learn about history through understanding the tradition of Vinh Chau party committee, the first cradle is branch of My Thanh, Hoa Lac commune established in 1931; traditional stele of this branch and the relics of the place where picked up the boat carrying 13 political prisoners in Con Dao returned to the mainland on September 23, 1945 controlled by Uncle Ton Duc Thang in the area of Vinh Hai.

Later, 13 people on the boat were assigned by Party and State to keep the high responsibility as President Ton Duc Thang, Chairman HĐBT Pham Hung, deputy commander area 9 Nguyen Hung Phuoc and the Minister of Transport Phan Trong Tue.

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