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The rules of using public toilets around the world while traveling

You should prepare carefully before traveling abroad, search all necessary information even the rules about toilets. Some of the notes below will help you to be not surprised when meeting sensitive situations.

The rules of using public toilets around the world while traveling
The rules of using public toilets around the world while traveling

In London, Paris and Amsterdam: You need to pay to go to the toilet

In these major cities in Europe, you will have to pay to use public toilets. It is not an entry fee, but a fee for toilet paper, hand soap or tip. Sometimes the toilet staffs will “fool” tourists by putting big banknote. But you don’t need to follow them, tip $ 0.5 or $ 1 is enough. And it is best to use local currency.

Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan: Using a squat toilet like in Vietnam

Squatting while toileting is proven to be healthier and more natural for the body, which may be why some countries use squat toilets. After finishing work, you have to use the bucket of water to pour down. These types of toilets are popular in many Asian countries and Vietnamese people are certainly familiar.

Do not throw toilet paper into the toilet

It’s awkward if you accidentally clog the toilet. In some countries, there is no easy toilet paper decomposition system, so when you travel to Turkey, Greece, China (Beijing), Macedonia, Montenegro, Morocco, Bulgaria, Egypt and Ukraine, you should throw toilet paper in the trash. Many other places also recommend that you do this.

Use your toilet paper when visiting China and Korea

There are many countries around the world that consider the use of personal toilet paper as a habit, especially in China or Korea. Because public toilets do not always have enough toilet paper, it is best to pocket small packets of paper.

 Don’t be afraid to use a bidet

Toilets have a bidet are often installed in some public toilets in France. This is considered a common cleaning method to limit the use of paper products, avoiding environmental pollution. Some popular places with this form of cleaning are Italy and Portugal, Japan, Argentina and Venezuela.

Some special words to find toilet

You should remember some dedicated words to ask local people about public toilets. In some European countries such as France, Germany and the Netherlands, it is called “water closet” or “toilette”. In Australia, ask people where is “dunny”. In England, use the word “loo” and in Japan look for “ben-jo”.

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