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December 28, 2018

Why do passengers have to board the plane through the door on the left of airplane?

The right side of the plane is the position where the ground staff arranges checked baggage so passengers have to go up and down through the front door and the rear door on the left of plane.

Most types of aircrafts passengers must board through the left door

Today, most passenger aircrafts have 8 doors equally divided on both sides. However, if you regularly fly, you will realize that passengers are forced to board or get off the plane by the left door whether it is in Jet Bridge or in a truck mounted airstairs. The right doors are always closed and it is not natural that we have this regulation, all have reasons.

Not only commercial aircraft but also most types of transport aircrafts, combat aircrafts… passengers must board the plane through the left door.

The reasons of maritime industry conventions

Explaining this, pilot Andrew Stagg said, it is related to maritime industry conventions that have existed since ancient times. According to the structure of the ship, the starboard is the place of the rudder so passengers must go up and down on the left side when the ship docked.

The reasons of convenience

Similarly, the right side of the plane has the same number of doors as the left but only for emergencies. Normally, the right side of plane is where the ground personnel arrange checked baggage, so passengers must go up and down the plane from the front and rear doors on the left side, whether you board a plane through a jet bridge or in a truck mounted airstairs.

In the past, some aircraft allowed passengers to enter and exit at the right door. But a former US Air Force pilot shared, this made many obstacles for the captain, who was always arranged to sit on the left side of the airplane cockpit, when looking outside and adjusting the aircraft’s door into the position matching the pipe of jet bridge connecting from the airport.

The reasons of aviation safety

Moreover, the regulations still involve some aviation safety issues. The plane must refuel on the right. So the separation of ground activities such as baggage handling, fuel pump… and greeting passenger helps to minimize risks and saving time. Sometimes, you board the plane from the right side are cases that you take a family plane or a small plane like a helicopter, the propeller plane has only one door on the right… the passenger waits for the pilot to get in the cockpit first, then passenger follow to get in the plane.

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