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Grilled clam with onions and cooking oil
April 28, 2018

Visiting the fresh seafood market in Da Nang

Da Nang is known by many tourist attractions: Lady Buddha, Marble Mountains, Asia Park, Ba Na Hills, beaches…; besides, the abundant and fresh seafood is also the highlight which is attractive visitors. In particular, here you can buy seafood at the market and ask somebody in the local restaurant cook for you; it will be...
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Nga Nam floating market
September 10, 2015

Nga Nam floating market in Soc Trang, the unique floating market

When mentioning to Soc Trang, people often think to Bat Pagoda or Tan Long bird garden… but it also has an extremely unique place in Soc Trang which tourists should not ignore that is Nga Nam floating market. This is one of the floating markets have has long existed and the busiest floating market in...
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Cai Rang floating market, Mekong Delta
August 6, 2015

Cai Rang floating market in Mekong Delta

If in the northern mountainous region there are many colorful weekly markets as the love market, in the southern region tourists are attracted by floating market, the most impressive of them which we have to mention: Cai Rang floating market. With the unique culture, Cai Rang floating market has become a destination which tourist should...
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