Routes: Da Nang – Da Lat



Vietnam Airlines Schedule:

 There are one return flight from Dalat to Da Nang & vice versa

– From Dalat to Danang: 08:10 AM everyday.

– From Danang to Dalat: 06:10 AM everyday.

 Airline booking offices:

+ Vietnam Airlines Representative Office

Add: 02 Ho Tung Mau street, Dalat.

Tel: (+84-63) 3 833 499 – 3 841 841

+ Lien Khuong airport booking office

Add: 02 – 04 Tran Quoc Toan street, Dalat.

Tel: (+84-63) 3 822 895 – 3 835 356

Flying hours: Dalat – Danang: 1 hour 20m.




+ Tourists catch the train from Da Nang railway station (in Da Nang city) to Thap Cham railway station (in Ninh Thuan province). Then, at Thap Cham, there is free bus of the station picking you up to Dalat, you can enjoy the beauty of Ngoan Muc pass.

It takes you 15 hours from Danang railway station to Thap Cham railway station and then 3 hours from Thap Cham to Dalat city.

+ Or tourists catch the train from Danang railway station to Nha Trang railway station (in Khanh Hoa province). Then, you catch the bus (with cost) to Dalat at the bus station in the South of Nha Trang city (address: No. 58, 23 thang 10 street, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa province), of:

Phuong Trang company – Tel: 058 3 562626 – Departure time: 8am, 10am and 2pm everyday.

Mai Linh company – Tel: 058 3 59 06 06 – Departure time: 8:30am and 3:00pm everyday.

It takes you 14 hours from Danang railway station to Nha Trang railway station and 3hours 30m from Nha Trang to Dalat.

You can be easy to book the online train tickets at



– The high-quality bus is the best choice for tourists who want to travel to Dalat by road. The service here is fair, there are always ready bus to pick tourists up to the station. The main bus station is located at No. 1 To Hien Thanh street which is 1km far from the city center. At the station, tourists can book tickets for Dalat – Danang route (770km).

– The ticket cost of the high-quality bus is rather higher than other coaches but the service is fair. In the peak period, tourists should book return ticket as soon as you have the plan to travel to Dalat.

To check the bus schedule & bus ticket at ➤

Danang city ↔ Dalat city

You can be easy to book the online tickets with futabus at

– Length: 770 Km, about 14 hours.

– Departure time:

      + From Dalat: at 3:00pm, 4:00pm.

      + From Danang: at 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm.

– Booking office:

+ In Da Nang:

Da Nang central bus station

Add: 201 Ton Duc Thang St, Hoa Minh ward, Lien Chieu Dist, Danang.

Tel: (+84-511) 3 786 786

+ In Dalat:

Thanh Thuy company

Add: Bui Thi Xuan St – ward 2 – Dalat.

Branch of Phuong Trang company

Add: 11A/2 – Le Quy Don St – Dalat.

Tel: (+84-63) 3 58 58 58

Dalat - Da Nang transport

Dalat – Da Nang transport


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  1. David, 6 years ago Reply

    Booking through your hotel can be risky because they are connected with certain services. There are direct lines but there are also transfer busses. The company huynh Gia just provided me the worst travel I have received on a six month trip in Asia. Luggage gone, no help from staff, the bus drivers literally were slapping guests. Avoid them.
    I hope you have a chance to read this

  2. Felix Loe, 8 years ago Reply

    Is it a luxury bus available with sleeping seat?

  3. Felix Loe, 8 years ago Reply

    How much is the bus ticket from Da Nang to Da Lat?

  4. Danang Bus Booking, 8 years ago Reply

    The simplest way to go to Da Lat from Da Nang is ask your hotel receptions or come to Da Nang Bus Booking Offices.

  5. WILLIAM, 9 years ago Reply


    • dalattrip, 9 years ago Reply

      Hi, if you do not have a valid vietnam phone no., you can ask your receptionist of your hotel to make the reservation of bus

  6. karen, 9 years ago Reply

    please could you tell me the cost of the bus ticket from Da Nang to Da Lat

    • dalattrip, 9 years ago Reply

      Hi, the cost is 300,000VND/pax

  7. Sarah, 10 years ago Reply


    Thank you for such helpful information on your webpage on how to get from Da Nang to Dalat.

    As a female travelling on her own, I would like to catch the train from Da Nang to Thap Cham and take the bus from there to Dalat.

    I have a question tho. Your website says there is a free bus from Thap Cham to Dalat. Is this correct? How do I find it?

    I would appreciate any help you can provide as its a bit confusing and scarey travelling on my own sometimes.

    Thanks very much 🙂


    • Phong N, 10 years ago Reply

      At present, they have no support for transfering to Dalat from Thap Cham. You should go to Nha Trang, then it’s easy to catch the bus to Dalat on new road

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