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As you known that Hoi An town is a small town, just for tourist visiting. So, No bus, no flight, no train directly to Hoi An town from other provinces. However, near Hoi An town is Da Nang city – one of Vietnam’s 05 biggest city. So, Da Nang has the variety of transports, you can take advantage of these transportations. Almost situations, we are always recommend the tourist should catch the transport suppliers of Da Nang city. It’s better in case you lost your way or forgot the way. Just joking! The main reason because Da Nang is very near Hoi An town (just 29 km).

Clarify that no way from Hoi An town directly to Dalat city and vice versa. Of course, excepting for private car or your personal car. However, Dalattrip team is pleasant to advise the good transport ways from Hoi An town to Dalat city and vice versa as follows:

– From Hoi An town

Tourists should catch the taxi or local bus to Da Nang city, then you can refer ➤ the guide of Da Nang – Dalat route for going to Dalat by bus, by train or by air.

– From Dalat city

You also refer the guide of Da Nang – Dalat route for going to Hoi An town. After looking through it & select your preferred transport supplier. Then you can ask the driver to drop you off Vinh Dien crossroads (you should write down this Vietnamese text and give to him “Ngã Ba Vĩnh Điện” if you can not speak that. We think it’s rather difficult for foreigner). At Vinh Dien crossroads, you can catch the taxi or local bus to Hoi An town. It’s far 10 km from Vinh Dien crossroads to Hoi An town. Please note this length for escaping from taxi scam if you prefer taxi service. We always wonder that why almost tourists don’t like to go directly to Da Nang city for discovering one of Vietnam’s 05 biggest cities. Then tourists can leisurely catch the local bus from Da Nang city to Hoi An town (just 29 km). It’s very easy and comfortable itinerary. Anyway, have a good trip!

Dalat - Hoi An transport

Dalat – Hoi An transport


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