A picture made of 10,000 beans at Dalat’s ancient villas exhibition

100 pictures of ancient villas – one of the unique heritage of Dalat has been introduced to the public at the exhibition with name is “Dalat’s ancient villas, 35 years – a aspiration” of Artist – Mr. Quoc Hiep, opened on 02nd Nov 2013, at exhibition hall of Hoa Binh Square, Dalat city.

The exhibition is one of the activities towards the 120th anniversary of Dalat’s formation and development , and marks 35 years staying with the Dalat region of Quoc Hiep author.

In this exhibition , Mr. Hiep introduced his 120 paintings which were composed over the past 5 years ( with nearly 70 paintings in 2013 ), including 100 paintings of ancient villas in Dalat, 20 paintings of Dalat girls, Dalat flower…

The familiar theme of Mr. Hiep expressed by many oil painting, pastels, acrylic, beans. The compositions distinctive themes of Dalat such as Dalat’s villas in herb season, Dalat’s hillside villas, Dalat in Autumn.

The portrait of Dr. Alexandre Yersin made from 10,000 beans

The portrait of Dr. Alexandre Yersin made of 10,000 beans

In particular, the exhibition also showcases doctor Yersin portrait made of 10.000 beans. The height of this picture is 1.5 m & 1.1 m of width, was made from 6 kg of beans in 9 different types which he completed in 2 months and the Vietnam record book centers recognized is “The picture was made from most beans in Vietnam”. Mr. Hiep said that he made this painting to commemorate the huge contribution of Dr. Alexandre Yersin for this land, the lovely Dalat was discovered in 1893.

The painter Quoc Hiep born in Lang Son, is a member of Vietnam Fine Arts Association, member of the Association of Arts and Culture of ethnic minorities in Vietnam. He is known as one of the most prominent face of the art in particular Dalat and Lam Dong literature and art in general.

As a lover of Da Lat, therefore Dalat’s subject always appeared in the work of Quoc Hiep with all the most characteristic, as the best of the author’s love for the land which he has been living over 35 years sticking.

The exhibition is open until the end of day 12th Nov 2013.

By Dang Tuan, translated by Phong Nguyen

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