Bidoup Nui Ba National Park


It is located in Lac Duong district and a part of Dam Rong district, Lam Dong province. It has an area of 63,938 ha with its multiform natural resources and beautiful sceneries, especially its waterfalls. A center of ecological tourism and environmental education has just been founded there.

Also called Nui Ba National Park

Also called Nui Ba National Park

Overview of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park in Dalat

Bidoup – Nui Ba national park is one of twenty-eight national park of Viet Nam. It is considered as one of 221 regions which concentrates special kinds of bird in the world and as one of four biological multiform centers of Viet Nam.

Belonging to the program of preservation ecological system of Truong Son mountain range, Bidoup – Nui Ba is located in the main range of the South of Truong Son and is the place receiving most interest in the preservation work. 91% of its area is forest and forest land, in which there are almost primeval forest with a lot of species of animals and plants. It has 1933 species of plant, among which there are 62 precious species that have been ranked in the red – book of Vietnam since 2000.

Bidoup National Park

Bidoup National Park

About the narrow endemic, there are 91 species in Lam Dong and adjacent area. 28 species has been called as the Latin word including dalatensis (9 species ), langbianensis (14 species) and bidoupensis(5 species). There are 56 species of animals which has been recorded the precious animals, 47 species which has been recorded in the red – book of Viet Nam since 2007 and 30 species has just been recorded in the red – book of IUCN since 2010.

Bidoup – Nui Ba is also considered as a Kingdom of Vietnamese Orchid with over 250 species.

The map of Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

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