Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony

Overview of Bo Mung Genie Worship Ceremony in Lam Dong

Chu ru minority people live in some communes of Lamdong, Ninh Thuan and Gia Lai province.

They usually make ditches and dykes to bring water to their fields. Every village always has a person who is responsible for the irrigation work and two assistants.

Chu ru people still keep a lot of their customs such as worshipping ancestors and doing traditional ceremonies (Bomung Genie Worship Ceremony, Robong Genie Worship Ceremony, Monhum Genie Worship Ceremony, New Rice Ceremony, etc). However, the most ceremony is Bomung Genie Worship Ceremony. In every area of ChuRu people, there must have a place for worship this Genie. The ceremony is organized in lunar February. People in the village only offer goats, but the patriarch must offer a horse because this Genie liked to ride horse.

After ceremony, all people eat and drink together.

Source: Patriarch of hamlet 4 – Loc Bac commune. TIPC Lamdong recorded

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