Cam Ly Waterfall


Cam Ly waterfall, the central falls in Dalat city


Cam ly waterfall is located at the end of Hoang Van Thu street which is 2km far from the city center.

The legend story of Cam Ly waterfall

The name “Camly” is explained in many ways with legends according to regions.

The first story: According to Mr. Chil Long who live in Ta Nung commune, in the old time, they called the waterfall Liang Sra and there was a village of Lach minority people, which is located near the present Ma Trang Son street, Yagut street, Tran Binh Trong street, Le Lai street and Hoang Dieu street. The chief of the village was Mr. Yagut Hamon whose son was Dam M’ly or Mon M’ly. At that time the French dominated the region and for some reason, they tortured Dam M’ly very cruelly; they tied Dam M’ly by the nests of ants and bees in the forest in order to take the statements from him, but he said nothing. Despite of the hunger, thirsty and the pain, he never entreated but he just stared at the cruel colonialists. After days and nights, Dam M’ly could not suffer from the hard punishment and then he died. Loved his son so much, the old father screamed and rushed into the body of his son then he died in the front of cruel gunmen. Since then, they K’ho minority people called the waterfall Liang Mon M’ly. Through the varied process of pronunciation, the word: “Mon M’ly became Cam Ly. Nowadays, we can see a holy light, Ban which was built from concrete in a form of a tree with the names; Mon M’ly and Dam M’ly carved on it.

Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly Waterfall

The other story: according to Mr.Dagut K’Mloi, when the French surveyor asked Mr.K’Mloi what the name of the waterfall was, but K’Mloi misunderstood: he thought the French man asked his name, so he said “K’Mloi”. Then the French man called K’Mloi “Camly”. Since then the name “Camly” was used for the waterfall and the stream.

Cam ly waterfall flows gently through the range of granite rock and it looks like the hair – style of a girl. There, tourist can take a horse – riding, take photo and go for a walk a round the fall.

In 1998, Cam Ly waterfall was recognized as a National – level Cultural historical heritage.

The map of Cam Ly Waterfall

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