Cat Tien National Park

Historical Records of Cat Tien National Park

According to the legend, there had ever had a fairy coming there to enjoy her good time with its fresh water, therefore the place has been called “the South Cat Tien”. Cat Tien National Park has become an archaeological site which contains big cultural, historical and religious traces of a Kingdom which were destroyed over 1300 years ago.

Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park

Overview of Cat Tien National Park

Cat Tien National Park has been recognized as a world biosphere preservation area by UNESCO.

It has an area of 70,548 hectares, in which 26,969 ha belongs to Lam Dong, 39,108 ha belongs to Dong Nai and 4,469 ha belongs to Binh Phuoc. Cat Tien national park has a head office in Tan Phu district – Dong Nai province and a management board office in Phu My commune – Cat Tien district – Lam Dong province.

An old Tree in Cat Tien Park

An old Tree in Cat Tien Park

The park has multiform areas: hill, expanse along the blanks of river and waterfall. In the rainy season, the streams become falls. In the middle of river, there are some small islands. Tourist can go camping on the islands and make the camp – fire at night.

Along the riverside: there is an old forest with many kinds of precious wood on the left and the most wonderful waterfall of Cat Tien on the right – Heaven waterfall. Going through the forest and passing some deep valleys, tourist will discover Bau Sau – the biggest pool in the center of the park. There are a lot of kinds of fish, especially crocodile in the pool and many bird herds around the pool.

Funny Tree

Funny Tree

Plant system has more than 1362 species of high – ranking trees, 440 species of precious wood, hundreds of medical trees, 133 species of orchid, ect,… About animals, there are 62 kinds of animals and 121 kinds of bird.

In the park, archaeologists discovered a temple of Phu Nam kingdom on the top of A1 hill which belongs to Cat Tien districts – Lam Dong province. The temple was built with bricks. Its platform, door-frame and pillars were decorated with granite and pattern. The temple has some golden Lingas, among that there is the biggest one in the Southeast Asia – Yoni – with 2.1m height and 0.7m were carved the picture of life then such as dancing girls, soldiers, elephants, cows, lotus, ect…

The map of Cat Tien National Park

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