Charming beauty of the special seasons in Dalat

In my eye, Dalat not only has four seasons. I always see Dalat has many special seasons with fabulous fragrance and color. Dalat, in my eyes, every season is beautiful. Although it is like the crowds, sometimes I also complain about the changes of the flower’s city, but I find myself like most colleagues, friends, writers and drawers, always seeking the way to remain the soul of the city and the fragrancy of the seasons in my article through each trip.

The spring cannot lack of cherry blossom

The spring cannot lack of cherry blossom

The climate and terrain create a unique character for Dalat

Autumn in the mountain town is very different from the autumn of the north or other regions in Vietnam. Every time I come back to Dalat, I like to visit Tuyen Lam Lake. Tuyen Lam Lake is located at the foot of Phung Hoang Mountain at an elevation of 1,300m above sea level, with an area of ​​320ha, made up by the Da Trea stream (also known as the Tia stream).

Due to the border of the lake is not round, this place has many peninsulas, where are the interference of forest, mountain and water. Resorts are built around Tuyen Lam Lake: Da Tien, Bao Dai waterfall, Clay Village, Lavender….

Tourists can rent a boat to visit around the lake. One or two hours is only enough for you to check-in and taking some selfie photos, not enough time to see and feel the beauty of this land.

Tuyen Lam Lake in satellite photo

Tuyen Lam Lake in satellite photo

Although it cannot escape “the vortex of resort and real estate”, this place remains the natural beauty and style of Dalat with the immense forest of green pine.

The season of wild sunflower and pink grass

The wind is flying with full of joy on the steep hillsides covered with the yellow color of the wild sunflower as beautiful as young girl. On the red-soil slopes are the weeds growth with pink color of flower waving in the wind like singing.

At the corner of Tuyen Lam Lake, where some boats are anchored having the maple trees are changing color of leaves. I have to kayak on the windswept lake to reach the maple tree forest, as instructed by the local friend in Dalat.

The lake gradually narrowed on the direction I passed, it seems I have gone upstream of Tia stream. As we often say“the destination is not important, important is the journey”,thething called “maple tree forest” does not have as many maple trees as imagined, this is one of the “artificial” attractions that attract visitors come to take pictures.

However, the scene on the lake of this area is not the same as what we often imagine about Da Lat. What we pay what we get, if you just take a quick boat trip, you will never feel the fragrancy of autumn on this lake.

That is why I have to go back to the familiar land in many times and Tuyen Lam Lake is always my favorite destination.

A very strange corner of Dalat

A very strange corner of Dalat

It is rare to see the green Pine Hills become the background for the trunk of white cajuput trees is submerged in water. Below the cajuput trees are pink grasses are flowering. Light pink, dark pink, purple, white … – I did not know the name of these grass kind.

My kayak boat stuck in a patch of grass and moss, must work a lot to escape them. The space suddenly gets up a wild smell made me stupefied; do not know whether my paddle has “cut any life off”?

The fragrancy of autumn

From the grass, insects fly up in a group. Some little grebes move to find shelter. Where am I? This is the strange grassland on highland or on the swamp in Dong Thap. The smell of water, smell of pine is mixed with the smell of grass. “Flavors of autumn” on mountain city today is so different.

Sun in autumn is also different. The sky is high, the sun is shining, but step one foot in the shade of the tree you can recognize the breath of the season. The cold breeze from the lake blows to the shoreas someone’s hand glides on the hair. However, the wind, the lakes, the green leaves, or red leaves are not enough to bring the city into the autumn.

Autumn only comes to the city when the mountains covered yellow color. The sun suddenly overflows on the green leaves, wild but clear, smooth and brilliant. Fly in the wind, sleep on the shoulders, and stay on the hand as your words of the poem – “Gentle sleeping season on the hand”.

Your heart will be sobbing when suddenly encountered the romantic weed clusters by the pine hill

Your heart will be sobbing when suddenly encountered the romantic weed clusters by the pine hill

When the season comes, the city has yellow color. The wind brings smell of the wild sunflower, spread along the waves of the lake. November, the wild sunflower meet the wind with pine trees. The pink grass is bewildered to look back.

They are wild and sweet in the early sun. They are fresh and clear in rainy days. They are passionate and radiant in the afternoon. They belong to the new season with so much love.

Early morning mist on Tuyen Lam Lake

Early morning mist on Tuyen Lam Lake

Color of sunshine

I love the winter cold of Dalat. Well, that is right, in that place I love all seasons. Sky, clouds, mountains, sunshine, rain, spring, summer, autumn and winter, Dalat is beautiful all the time.

When the northern sky is engulfed in gray clouds, the wind tantalizes the cold air over the pedestrian, many days in Dalat it is still sunny. That is another sunny color, first softened after the cold and cloudy days. Then the sun is stronger, like a hand that is working on the sunlight to perfect.

Sunshine in the city of concrete is different from the sunlight in the highlands where the grass and pine tree grow. However, even in the place that was known as the land of flowers, the sun is now permanently. There are still flowers, trees, hills, and mountains so the sunlight should more “gentle” and “naive” than the town sunshine. How many colors are there in the sunlight? How many colors are there in the rainbow?

The rainbow was only after the rain, when the sky and ground were fresh up after “the water party”, so the rainbow has so many colors. What is the sunshine? Where does the sunshine come from? From the sun, through the clouds, through the wind, through the immense universe, sunshine brings a lot of colors and nuances.

sunflower of Dalat

sunflower of Dalat

Color of Dalat

There is a winter day wandering on the steep slope, I suddenly see the sun at the foot. The light yellow sunshine is through the pines, exposed on the grass. Yellow sunshine borrowed color from the white stems dying themselves. In addition, here is red sunshine. A brilliant color of love is full of life. Incarnate in the oval leaves, rhombus, trapezoid, the leaves carry the smile of bright red sun.

With this plant, leaves are flowers and flowers are leaves. There are trees, which can change to varieties of the fanciful color throughout their existence on earth. The young green buds, cracked from the trunk, turned bright red, was dyed to dark red color by sunlight, turned purple and then like a round of samsara, back to green.

Leaves turn from oval to rhombus with pointed point. Sometimes winding like a sail full of wind. Sometime, the leaves turn to the strong angles of trapezoid or soft with folds.

Thousands of leaves hanging into the cluster as bright red stars on the white trunk are blossoming with aroma. The color of the sunshine is in the leaves and the color of the leaves in the sunshine. There is a Dalat, winter keep aroma in the leaves. I keep sunshine in my heart.

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